Your Priorities! bug fixes and Quality of life UI improvements

#1 Get the game working the way it should! no excuse for people losing items or saves/progress

#2 Remove the STUPID slot machine effect for item prices/value that ends up costing us so much wasted time

#3 Allow us to SORT inventory items by sell/item Value!!!

#4 fine-tune the UI so that users can easily set up Presets for items along with easier and more detailed sorting to help with deciding what items i will keep or sell much faster than having to simply read every stat on every item!!!

Do people not actually try these games for more than a couple hours before you start charging millions of people 60$ a pop for basic edition and like 120 for ultimate preorders?!?!??! I got my ultimate edition for like 80$ less than a month after launch so ya ill wait the 20 or so days from now on

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can you elaborate on that one, I’m not sure I understand how you decide if you keep an item without looking at the stats.

All Good points, but above EVERYTHING ELSE, fix the sodding bank, after 50 your having a to throw Legendry’s away constantly just to try something new

Make it 20 million if you like for another page, who gives a dam, there is nothing whatsoever to spend money on once you max out every ammo and bank slot, 4 billion guns and hundreds of artefacts and mods, and 50 slots , AGHHHHHHH I spend more time inventory managing than playing the dammed game :frowning:

Optimization. There’s no reason that Borderlands 3 should perform worse than something with actual eye candy (Eg, FC5).

Please use the existing thread: