Your PvP Oh Crap Moments

We need some more humor round here, everyones hung on either nerfs or the matchmaking so lets get a bit more positive and have a few chuckles.

So whats this about? simple, every one of us as a rookie or even as a veteran has those moments In match that either leave you wondering about someones sanity or asking yourself " that happened? seriously?" So I figured we’d all get a kick out of sharing some. Few tips though. First this is for fun so please don;t make it insulting we don;t want to make anoyne feel bad it’s all in good fun. Second don;t use a persons actual screen tag if you can avoid it. If it;s one of your close friends ok but again, just for fun.

I’ll kick us off with some real crazy ones.

Meltdown: Score Tied at 490 each, 2 minutes left on the clock. Myself and two of my mates were in base healing after a huge mid lane skirmish when the following occurs.

I look left and notice the other teams Toby, yes Toby trying to be sneaky and set up a shield around us to keep us penned. Now IIRC he gets only one shield but whatever. it was clever I’ll grant but he forgot that there were 5 of us. We stared in wonder as Rath ran up behind this poor chap and murdered him. Like just vampire murdered.

Toby shouts on death " I deserved that"

We die laughing, lost the match but it’s hard to see clear when your crying and laughing that hard.

Incursion: Games close with both final sentries about down to 50% HP. My teams not pushing that great but we just got hammered so we are minion killing while our tanks get some thralls. I’m playing with Boulder, fellow mates with Miko and we have a El Dragon with us, all around lvl 8 or so.

So there we are keeping our sentry safe when we spy the other teams Marquis trying to be sneaky and moving along the high ground on overgrowth to get into a better snipe spot. I notice this and employ the Crucible method of sniper removal. Using my sniper sense I sneak about, find him and Boulder dash his gentry butt into the waiting arms of El Dragon, who actually was lvl 10 and has the Helix for En Fuego that creates that nutty wrestling ring effect.

Marquis sails over the air, and lands smack into Dragons en fuego ring. Wat ensued was a massacre of pro wrestling proportions, inside a dang ring. We laughed hard and made a comeback to win. But that poor Marquis player ran from us like the plague for the rest of the game.

Meltdown Coldsnap: Match is basically done, we are up by 250 and sitting at 400. But they push and cleverly spawn two giant Minions, we dig in and repel. But one of their guys a lonely little Wisky Foxtrot over extends into the middle. Gets almost killed and rather then retreat as we do after skirmishes he stands there and taunts us over an open Mic.

“Ha! Ya noobs I’m still alive!”

I walk back and inform him. " Look up" Then leave.

Now above his head hovers a El Dragon in Mid splash animation. Imagine his face when he looks up and finds that big mother flying through the air like a happy cloud about to squish him. I laughed very hard as I heard

“Look, CRAPPPP!” They he got Ko’d. and hopefully learned a valuable lesson in the process.

Finally one that Really backfired on me, because fair is fair. I was working on a power play with my team mates Rath and a Reyna who was shielding us perfectly while we pushed to get a big minion into the last grinder for the win, it was a close game and I was being a bit too careless I confess.

I over extended on Paradise near the back of the right lane where the enemy base has that large under ramp to their spawn. I was dumb, ran ahead of my backup to get the minion done and just as I passed that tunnel I got gang lynched, shane Grabbed me, pulled my dwarven butt into the tiunnel and they proceeded to beat the hell out of me into a KO. Took 3 of em to do it but wow.

But the funny part? Our Raths mic comments.

Now by the time he’s done I’m back, standing right behind him as he dramatically seeks revenge and Reya and I are both there watching him murder the air ranting. I deserved that kill but Raths reaction was damn near priceless.

So lets share some more and get some real fun going everyone. Cheers


Team mate: “Ok Ghalt, I’m not going to fall in that trap, I’m not stupid”
(I immediately fall in trap)
Me: I am


Three words: Twenty Player Killstreak

My most intense game of Meltdown during the open beta, our team was on 498 and we’d been leading for most of the match but then enemy team pushed hard late, called in two mega bots and destroyed all of our minions that wave. I can’t remember what their score was but it was high, they wiped us all out and had minions going in on both lanes. At this point we were sitting in the spawn, breathing out and sighing and talking about what a tough game that was until we realised the enemy score stopped on 499! This of course caused great panic and laughter among us and somehow we composed ourselves enough to destroy the next wave of enemy minions and secure the best win I’ve yet had in Battleborn!

But then there was an Incursion on Echelon… During this game the enemy team came out swinging and pushed us hard early, they got our sentry down quickly but they overreached and we were able to wipe them out then push hard and get their sentry down before they were able to respawn and stop us. At 50-50 we were weakened and scattered from the hard push so when they came out swinging again we were forced back into defense mode but we didn’t have time to set up so they got by us. That was when we tried for our last-ditch effort, we called in thralls and a megabot then sent Benedict and Thorn to flank the enemy sentry (Flank, not cheese, this was on Echelon not Overgrowth and we don’t use that dirty tactic). Once the remaining three of us plus thrall and megabot repelled the enemy team’s advance I charged down mid as Deande to help Benedict and Thorn, I got there but they were double killed by respawning Orendi and I was jumping and strafing and throwing fans and got the sentry down to 1 health before Orendi killed me too, we thought we had stolen the win but with three of us down and two left to defend the sentry we ultimately lost 0-1 in the most epic Incursion game ever :’(

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I died on a 23 kill streak on Overgrowth and respawned with 1:45 to go, I was so adamant that I would get the worthy of song title and got my last two kills in the last minute to secure it!


Rath using hes ULTIMATE

“I won´t get killed another time!!!”

  • jumps off the balcony direct onto the rival Deande
    "Crap in a bucket!"

Was my first PvP-game, died like a boss about 20ish times lol


Oh, not realising that you can fall off the map on Coldsnap and Phasegating into an abyss…


Great to know that! I´m always the one finding the single abyss/pit of Lava/cliff to fall to death, so its really good to know in advance >.<

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Reminds me of when I was playing on Coldsnap and the Montana on the other Team lumberjack dashed me right off the map. I was laughing too hard to be mad

How in the…you sir are either a majestic eagle of death, or the other team was just off their game. I honestly do not know which one…

Lol I’ve done this on Outback as Deande, cloak and Burst Dash an unsuspecting enemy right off the cliff x’D I’ve had enemies simply fall off during battle on Temples or jump off so I don’t get the kill, and one of my teammates was pushed off by Varelsi.

It wasn’t me. lol it was the other team’s Marquis who I have no clue how the other team was kicking our asses so badly. It was PS4 so I can’t say it was a hack

One time I jumped off the cliff as Thorn. Knew I was gonna die and was like “You’ll never take me alive!”

I’ve seen a Marquis (on the enemy team, of course :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: where can i find some of these as teammates!) Go like 36-0

It’s insane how he has to take so little risk to get eliminations! Though a lot of the kills come from picking off enemies that his teammates have already weakened. Usually.

Oh. Well still. 20 kills…by the 5th I’d be hunting that bugger down to get revenge. To allow 20…well now I’m plain dumbfounded.

Same happened to me in the beta. I died at like 21 or 22 and died three times because I was playing so aggressively for fear of not getting my title.

Trying to use Caldarius’ ult on a large group of enemies, but hit one of the rings from my team’s Orendi’s shadowfire pillar. I didn’t even know the rings had a hitbox.

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Engaging the enemy minions with Attikus, then start drawing attention from Galilea so I turn and leap away… but I hit Benedict mid-air and fell straight down like in a cartoon. Galilea stunned and eaten alive. I think Galilea has an Attikus head mounted in her study.

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I have to admit, I got my Worthy of Song title almost accidentally. Around 400 points through a game where I was covering the minions of both sides while half asleep, I suddenly decided to check the leaderboard since I got a double kill. I was at 17-0, and three levels ahead of the closest player. I immediately stopped pushing and desperately hoped the enemy wouldn’t surrender, spent the rest of the game hunting every player I could find. Wound up at 29 kills.