Your scariest gaming moment(s)


Resident Evil 6: Playing Mercenaries (co-op), and the host’s connection starting to act up…and causing lag-teleporting. I noticed it early, but thought I could handle with it; clearly I thought wrong. I got overwhelmed in the tunnels, and ran into the central area for some breathing room. Much to my horror, I found a mess-load of nothing but Bloodshots lag-teleporting all about the place.

Not an exact example of it, but Robin’s hallucination of Slade does come to mind:

(There’s a horror film that has a more exact example of this, but the name currently eludes me.)

A similar situation in Left 4 Dead where the game got really laggy and I was tortured by an invincible teleporting witch for like 5 minutes.

Got kicked from a TF2 server mid pub stomping with a message saying An issue with your computer is blocking the VAC system

Pretty easely fixed but it gave me a worse jump scare then any horror game have delivered.