Your Suggestions about the potential of B3 trade economy

I think having a offline trade economy would add another dimension to this game. From what I read so far about the mailing system in B3 IMO its alittle tame, relies 100% on charity/code of honor, and can be abused by scammers. I think being able to trade offline is an amazing quality of life feature…I just dont like the “mailing” of gear instead of trading. I think trading is going to be especially important when dealing with top tier annointed and best rolled weapons and gear. I’m telling you straight up…if I get a god roll item that doesnt fit my build…I’m not giving it away for free and would like safeguards to facilitate at fair trade.

So question…How would you like the mailing, trade economy to be handled? Do you have suggestions, you think it’s fine the way it is, are you going to do the Solo Self Found Route. I think any and all suggestions who be helpful information for Gearbox to use moving forward.

So for me I think they should copy the Path of Exile method. Each person puts their item they want traded in a trade window, each person can inspect an item, and both people have to opt in for the trade to be complete. If a person tries to switch out an item at the last second the trade is automatically canceled and the process starts over.

So…the floor is open.

Edit: I cut out the first part becuase there is another thread about item duping.

I think we’ll need to wait for release to say for sure, but in general, yeah of course it’d be best for both parties to be able to review item details safely before each approve of the trade. I feel like it’ll kind of be a moot point though depending on how modding and/or duping is handled. That would have the potential to short-circuit any real ‘economy’

Edit: redacted by PH.

Have they said that trading from previous games is gone? Afaik duels are back, even got some QoL stuff, and the two are pretty related.
You have to join the trade partner’s session, that’s true.

Mail system is only for friends iirc. You can trade old way in lobby.

As far as I’m concerned, the more they avoid fostering some ludicrous player trade economy the better.

The game can be played offline, which means the saves are stored locally where they can be easily copied and edited. I can’t see them putting much effort into economic features that can be trivially subverted.

I was more suggesting it for people who wont want to take those routes.