Your top 3 favorite characters?

Now that the game has been out for a while, what are your top 3 favorite characters? Either to play as, or in general. Mine are:

  1. Miko
  2. Marquis
  3. Montana

I like these 3 because they each have a “trick” up their sleeve that the enemy doesn’t expect… Miko can do some damage if he decides to fight instead of running, Marquis is just a beast when played correctly, and Montana can burn a sentry shield down quick while the other team is distracted…

Not sure if their name starting with the letter “M” is a factor.

Kleese, Caldarius and Isic

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Orendi, Alani, Toby

EDIT: After playing A LOT this weekend (and doing nothing else productive :slight_smile: ), I’d have to change this to Orendi, Oscar Mike, Alani.


Whiskey Foxtrot, Reyna and Toby


Are you a decent Whiskey? Mosr are turrble lol.

Yeah, my top 3 change so often that I’m not sure who I’d put here. I guess I can throw in my current top 3 most played which are Montana, Ambra and Alani. I had different picks in the Closed Technical Test, in the Early Access preview and the Open Beta.

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WF, Toby, and S&A

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  1. Deande
  2. Thorn
  3. Phoebe

Deande is love Deande is life. She’s an amazing character, highly underrated. She can kill anyone in a 1-on-1 and she’s very hard to kill when played properly.

Thorn is just ridiculous. Fastest base movement speed in the game, second highest damage per hit, excellent wave clear, one of the few characters who can inflict DoT, one of the best ults and IMO the best kit in the game, and of course her passive. She’s a “sniper” who has better burst potential than most assassins, lots of reasons to love her none not to.

Phoebe is by far my favourite melee character, what she lacks in wave clear she makes up for in raw DPS. If Phoebe Phasegates on you, you’re as good as dead. She’s one of the best Battleborn slayers in the game and has IMO the best mutation (level 6) that allows her to destroy team fights by using Phasegate as an initiator and an escape simultaneously. And she has a nice AoE ult that adds wave clear and provides area denial.


Benedict, Orendi, and Galilea to play as.

But Mantana and Oscar Mike are sooooo funny. Also fun to play as… I love too many!


I do better with him than any other character in terms of K/D. Once you unlock his mutations he becomes a beast. At level 5 you can get 220 health regen for killing ANYTHING. It’s so OP and nobody has said a word about it lol. I love it.

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Favorite three to play

Thorn, Reyna, el dragon…thats not easy to come up with three I play with alot lol

Favorite character design

Benedict he’s a walkin talking bird man who flies, carries a rocket launcher and talks like Joe dirt how do u not love that lol
Shane&aurox their whole dynamic is amazing


alani, wrath, thorn, ghalt…

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Oh dear… Only 3…


  • Orendi (my main)
  • Shayne & Aurox (badass design!)
  • Oscar Mike - have not played him yet, I only saw/heard all his lore when my fiance mastered him-
    I laughed so hard I started crying! He´s the best! and Nova is so nicely mean XD
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  1. Whiskey
  2. Reyna
  3. Kelvin or Caldarius

Whiskey is the coolest and I like to play as the rest. I like most of the characters though so it’s not a solid top three :grin: I also really like Pendles already… Hopefully he comes soon so that I can test him out!

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That’s because the health regen is split over 10 second, so 22 hp per second which is overly weak compared to any other healer.
I do love that mutation though…

My fav are foxtrot and shayne & aurox (and montanaaaaaa)

All unit be advised, this is going to be cool as hell.

(gotta love mike’s stupid lines)


Miko - it’s a unique character, probably one of the most unique in Battleborn or any game I’ve played. Miko plays great, it’s an excellent healer and good at slowing down enemies, allowing teammates to have an easier time killing of enemies or allowing you to kill them off.

Toby - probably underestimated but that’s what makes him great, using his shield to get higher velocity rail gun shots and allowing his arc mine to stun are a deadly combo. His ultimate could be touched up on but otherwise he has a great character design and his kit can be very useful.

Caldarius - not only is his design badass but his play style is awesome. He can get in and out of combat almost effortlessly and his flash bangs and aerial assault make for great AOE damage, enemy disorientation and minion clearing. I use his TMP more than his energy blade but I use it mainly to harass the enemie and finish of low health players. His speed and harassing abilities make him effective and fun to play when you nail down how to play him.

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  1. Orendi
  2. Shayne
  3. Mellka

Orendi’s dialouge options and rapid burst is oodles fun, especially with Sprint Speed stacked high. A tiny chaos hamster on energy drinks, as I like to put it. Shayne is nice, with a large sway of techniques that make her readily viable at any moment… and the interactions Orendi has with her are hilarious.

Mellka is my preferred playstyle. Poison and running, with kills coming five to eight seconds later. Not many games let this happen, but I am glad Mellka exists for this.

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Oscar Mike
Alani (We shall see if this stays the same after nerfs)

  1. Orendi
  2. Melka
  3. Anyone with a gun at this point