Your Unpopular Opinion

What do you think that almost no one else agrees with? Your most “insane” idea? Please don’t declare any of these wrong, but list why you disagree nicely. I’ll go first:
I think Galilea is balanced.
Go ahead. No judgement (aloud), however potentially ridiculous your statement is :smile_cat:

Simple - this game is GOTY.

I really mean it, not exaggerating at all. :wink:


(You may find that not so unpopular here, hahaha). At least, I agree.

I have many, but I can start off with two.

Legendaries should be removed.
Capture should be removed.

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I could see why those would be unpopular. Please, got through all you can think of

Ernest’s design is so flawed that he is beyond nerfs and should be removed from the game.


Geyser is the best way to heal a group and you dont need full stacks of wellspring to heal squishy assasins


I share that feeling. Ernest is just cheesy.

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I love the loot system in BL2 but absolutely hate the loot system in this game.


I’ll add Pendles to that!

This game going free to play! oh wait…that idea is in the middle.

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Whiskey Foxtrot is the best character in the game in all situations.

ISIC needs a buff to wards without a nerf alongside it.

I dislike 2k a lot.



Aaaaaaaaaaah. I will leave it at that, although I get where you’re coming from. Oddly enough, I rarely see him anymore. Same is true of Pendles.

That’s quite fair. If you’re gonna make us grind, let us at least grind for what we want, rather than okay an entire 30 to 50 minute mission

A lot of people agree with you. Many don’t. I don’t care much either way, as long as they’re still making content.

Interesting statement.
The devs appear to believe he will remain high tier if he loses the aoe without even a ward buff, although they were considering that as well.
That appears to be very popular lol. Their marketing is deplorable.

(Look @Kaleidodemon and @FlamesForAll I did it! I used one large post instead of hundreds!)


I know. I know. It’s so hard to read these opinions and not comment. But I’m honoring the intention of the thread.

I’ll just add that I like to think the reason we don’t see many Ernest’s is because people feel guilty about taking advantage of the cheese and are opting out. Or they just get tired of dropping the egg and bombirding the entire game. I mean, it may be effective but it gets boring.


Orendi, Galilea, Boldur and Pre-Nerf Benedict were and are balanced. Attikus needs a nerf. Thorn should keep her AoE strengths and not get them nerfed into oblivion.

Ernest is Cheesy McCheeseballs - if they’re going to do a character like that, they should at least crap on his blast radius.

Oh, and I bought the season pass.

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I hate OM stun animation! Is so hard to crit on him


People tend to be on one extreme or the other with Ambra, personally she’s one of my favorites to play.

I recognize that she sorely needs some sort of nerf, but worry doing anything will tip the scales and put her back where she was before her recent bout of buffs.

My opinion is,

I’m willing to accept the difficulties of fighting Ambra as she is rather than risk her becoming useless like she was for the longest time.

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He’s always in meltdown. Good thing I hate meltdown!

btw, the only nerf ambra needs is a shorter staff cutoff range. Her health and damage are too low to do anything else to her without making her trash.

Caldarius basically shuts her down, anyway.


I think ppl get scared of her because they dont know how to deal with her.
Many ambras dont even stab… All they do is láser of death, she has a big crit zone and sunspot have low hp. She can get out healed?

What i hate about ambra is her sprint speed + lvl 5 left helix, that makes her hard to kill!

I want all of the characters to be buffed substantially, in different ways and to different degrees.