Your VERY Favourite Characters To Play And Why?

Ok, so, this is not a “these are the best characters for PVP / PVE and why” thread.

This is s thread about which characters have grabbed you and taken you on a personal voyage during your Battleborn experience; the ones who you know like the back of your hand (how well DOES anyone know the back of their hand, anyway?), the ones you know you can play your best with, the ones who you just love to use and feel truly ready to kick ass with. Maybe it’s their personality, their kit, their design, the way they play…all of the above, maybe! Tell us who you love the most and why?

Please try to not list more than 2 or 3 characters, unless you REALLY, TRULY feel you LOVE and are VERY SKILLED WIITH and KNOW VERY WELL with more than that.

Im just going to list one because, despite him only being 2 in my most played matches with rankings, he is definitely the one I know the best and love the most!

So, here’s to my main Chubby Chicken - my main Aviant, ERNEST!

First of all, love this dude’s design a LOT.

That hair, that headband, those vests, those little chicken feet, that tag still on his leg…!

Just too good!

His personality, attitude, dialogue, all great!

*Tweet, tweet, you miserable bastards!"

“The afterlife was really boring so I punched Death himself right in the face and came back!”

Now, why I like using him in PVP:

First off, he’s a damn solid bird!

A damn decent health pool and able to resist a decent amount of damage as well.

Second, and this might actually be the thing I love about him the MOST, is that he’s not that hard to use. I can just sit in his egg and lob grenades down range.


Watch the assists and kills roll in!

Third - that egg, though!

For a looooooong time, I only used the Power Egg. Until someone turned me on to the wonderful possibilities of the Defence Egg. Mainly, his level 2 left side helix which gives his egg a large Slow radius.

Put it in a well protected / hidden spot and that Egg becomes a plague to waves, Thralls, FatBots, uncloaked Pendles and Melee characters in general.

Put that slow Egg around any corner in Monuments, any of the choke points or behind any of the middle area walls in Overgrowth, or, the BEST spot, right at the top of the middle wall between the two stairwells where enemies leave their Sentry room in Echelon, and everything walking by its large radius will be slowed to a crawl.

The slow Egg is also AWESOME for Minion waves in Meltdown!

Not to mention all the extra damage reduction and defence boosts the Defence Egg provides you, which are awesome when combined with Damage Reduction and Health Regen.

And, of course, his Attack Egg still has a great many very powerful uses.

Knowing when to switch Egg modes is KEY to Ernest.

Fourth, his early game 30 percent Area of Effect damage reduction mutation is astounding.

Considering that the best way to DISLODGE your Egg is AoE damage, being able to sit in your Egg and just shrug off large chunks of AoE damage is VERY nice! You can shrug off pillars, paradigms, blights, grenades, wrath of natures, etc. It is quite lovely!

Fifth, his Explosive Satchels. Lol DON’T TAKE THE PUSH ON THEM EXCEPT FOR LAWLZ! They are too easy to knock a character to safety with, costing you or your team mate a perfectly timed and set up kill!

The Charges are PERFECT enemy Battleborn finishers (throw them at low enemies at the right time to secure kills!) and multiple minion damagers!

I think those are the main things I enjoy using most about Ernest.

It’s late and I may be forgetting some things.

Good gear to use on ERNEST is Attack Speed, reload speed, health regen and damage reduction.

Really looking forward to all your answers!



Best taunt in the game, bar none!



ERNEST - The Display (video)

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Whiskey currently - I just really like him as a character. Also, crit city. Man that sound is rewarding :stuck_out_tongue:

I also like playing as Alani, her kit just… flows… really well. Hehe.

My favorite character to play used to be Mellka, she was my most played right after WF. Whiskey might have the looks but Mellka’s agility is crazy fun. Admittedly she does still have that but she just feels like a waste of a pick, if I do well as her I could have done excellent as someone else :confused:

Oh, and I did actually main Ambra at release, pretty exclusively. But after she got buffed and Whiskey got the semi-auto gun, I switched away from her

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Orendi will always be favorite because she is just bae.

Recently though, I’ve been loving Melka, Boldur, Thorn and Deande, all of which I was never good with but now I’m pretty confident with them :slight_smile:


Mine Are:

Phoebe: cause science.

Melka: Cause the attitude.

Gali: The motif of this character is captured so well in her model and character that she’s probably the most well designed.

SaA: How could you not, and ball room? comman.

Then Ambro: cause high society is hilarious.

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Observation: This seems more like a fit for the General section, no?

Answer: I have a few, you may notice a trend. :stuck_out_tongue:

Gals: because I like white knight-style characters fighting against their own dark sides
Thorn: because she’s a loud and angry space elf (gets Green Balled)
Alani: because she’s essentially a Nickelodeon cartoon character in an FPS
Phoebe: because of the power of science
Ambra: because every shirt on this planet needs to be tucked the ■■■■ in
Reyna: because she’s a sassy black(?) woman in an FPS (which is unheard of)


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Is this NOT in General?


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Isic - during Story and Ops missions on my first go because his has great survivability and his ult can steamroll anything in its way. It’s a good way to go in to a fresh game and not feel overwhelmed on your first go.

Kleese - Incursion is perfect for Kleese because he can maintain his rifts for a good period of time and matches usually last long enough to get to level 7 and 8 which is when the real mortar fun starts.

Montana - I have complained multiple times about Montana because of how good he is in just about every situation in every game mode so I figured if you cant beat’em, join’em

S&A - Very fun in every game mode and taking that LV1 overshield really gives her lasting power in matches.

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Thorn, miko, Shayne and aurux.

With thorn I am like leaf in the wind. raining down bolts of death from far away and high above. I look down upon the battlefield from afar and laugh as my cursed enemies run in terror through blighted grounds.

As miko we are able to do many things at once and all will be rewarded or punished by our mere presence. No one friend or foe will leave without our mark upon them.

Shayne and aurux are so fun to play and have been a favorite from the beginning. Now you see me, now you don’t. BOO! Gotcha! Here, have some of these bomerangs I found. Aww what’s the matter? You don’t want em? Hey Aurox, go get em! I feel like a cross between a toy jack in the box and a “Alien” alien.

I like seeing everyone’s views on who their favorite characters are and why. Very interesting.

My problem with Ernest.

Also, I’ll have you no Whiskey Foxtrot’s TEA CEREMONY and Marquis’ STEEP PRICE are the best taunts in the game, bar none.

Anyways my fave is Pendles.

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Those are great without a doubt!

SO MANY great taunts!

But something about the Display just hooked into my soul; there is actually a personal and somewhat embarrassing story behind it which will remain forever untold!

And yes, I do realize ERNEST doesn’t take much “skill” too constantly artillery barrage down lanes, but, to be completely honest, I like the easy characters (Ernest, Gali, BEATRIX, Alani, KLEESE (to a degree) because I don’t have to try so hard to get what meager amounts of kills that I do!

I’m lazy at heart, and I drink a lot when I play!

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Welp. Lazy be lazy.

I was almost too lazy to type that last response LOL.


ISIC is my precious son and no one can convince me otherwise.
I picked him up after mastering Phoebe and deciding that I wanted to master the entire LLC faction and my god I love his dialogue (thank you Jim Foronda!).
I also think that ISIC’s model is one of the, if not the best in the game, considering how many guns he actually is. It’s funny how many ways they that mech can turn into a gun/turret. xD
The Algorithm is my favorite story mission. It just feels like it’s the mission that Gearbox put the most effort in, and falling back to the “I love ISIC’s dialogue” as well as him being, in my opinion the best boss in the game. (Randain’s boss fight is great, too, but having to do a boss rush before hand kinda ruins it for me. Tho, I’d rather not go into a tangent about how I think they could have lead into that better.)
ISIC’s taunts aren’t the best ones in the game, but they’re funny and great in their own ways, too.

Tl;dr: “I’m not just a gun! I’m lot’s of guns. Duct-taped together. With legs! And a boundless capacity for hatred! :D”


Love Orendi because she’s crazy and fast (crazy-fast one might say) and she was my original Battleborn fave. The speed plus the eccentric nature just make her fun to play. Her skills are great too, and I appreciate the aoe options.

Also love Alani because her overall build and skills are so well thematically tied and distinct. Plus, the skills are a lot of fun to play with. Her positivity and good-natured demeanor are also welcome, especially juxtaposed against things like “F@ck your sandcastle!” I also enjoy being able to support my teammates while still being a pain for enemies to deal with.



Benedict: not because he is strong’ish, but because he has the most awesome mobility. And I own a parrot, so he always reminds me of my pet ^^

Galilea: Love her playstyle. Too bad her taunts are slow and sluggish.


I really started to adore Montana. This guy is a wrecking machine. His body is his worst enemy tho.

Kleese: the most badass grandpa in the universe.

Overall voice:

Deande. I would marry that voice.

Kleese, because he can be so diabolically strategic.

And my dad when he was teaching me to shoot said marksmanship(and true sniping) is the art of weaponizing math…so it feels good to hear he’s gonna kill folks with math

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I’m sorry, I think you meant to say Kelvin.