Your Worst Game Ever!

I thought this might be a fun topic to talk about! Posting pictures of your score would be even better, but if you don’t have any that’s ok. Just describe a match where you played like complete ■■■■.

My worst game ever was a Meltdown on Coldsnap. I was playing El Dragon against very skilled players and two Gearbox Devs. I was drunk and to this day can’t remember why I thought ED was a good pick. I went 0-7 that match. One of the Devs was an Attikus and he seemed to enjoy punching my face right off my body.
Anybody else have an embarassing game they remember? Please share!


Playing vs a Deande And Rath premade as Galilea yesterday.

I don’t normally quit but dealing with premades vs Randoms isn’t fair or fun. Had a team of 4 ranged but we had no real kill power.

Might just toss this game away and play Paladins if it means a better PvP.

Oh And i think i went like 2-5 or something like that. Worst game ever i had as Gali

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2-5? Oh man. That’s not even that bad. My brother (who is better at the game than me) went 2-23 as Attikus one time. He still hasn’t played the character since.


Normally when I pick a character that’s outside of my comfort zone it results in a bad game. I just do it as a joke though from time to time. The other day I decided to try out Pendles in Incursion because the opposing team had no reveals, I ended up doing pretty poorly. 2-3 with barely any assists. I just wasn’t getting involved enough. Yet when I played him on a separate occasion, against an Ambra and an Orendi ironically, I did okay that game. 11-3 I believe. It makes no sense to me. xD That’s one of my worst games that I can remember anyways.


Months ago i had input lag. I tried to overcome the handicap and did well.

But once i had to face a premade as rath i went 0-23 and the miko sent me hate mail telling me i was the worst player ever.

Ppl can be mean, but i ignored his mocking amd asked him of he knew a way to fix input lag and wow he tried to help and wish me luck after that.

Still not nice to send hate mail.


Yesterday’s match i was surprised we won lol it was fun but so confusing


Before I knew Kleese was a mortar king and could pack on some heavy burst DPS with shield gear I ran an atk speed and damage build and put NO helixes into those useless mortars.

Needless to say I was trying to taser level 10 Dragon pre-nerf and he destroyed me.

After that I went to youtube and looked at others builds and was amazed at the mortar build dps. He’s been my main ever since (though Montanna is a close second now).

Oh I’ve got too many to count. One time, like a few weeks after release I brought Kleese into a match of Paradise. On my enemy team was a particularly bloodthirsty Thorn. Couldn’t even leave spawn.

Also played a match as Benedict against an Ernest that hit every single direct grenade. And a Mellka and a Reyna who melted me in 1-2 seconds the moment I dared step into lane. Never felt that squishy. Thank god this time I was prepared and got drunk in spawn instead. That was fun.

I don’t remember my stats from either match, I think I went neutral in the Benny match, I don’t even want to know what that Thorn did to poor Kleese though.

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That game was actually pretty back and forth until you quit. And we may have been a 5 man but it’s not like we were running a meta comp.

Worst game I’ve had. First time I played against one of the Japanese premade teams on PS4. This was about the time when I think I really started to get good in the game. I remember their comp to this day: Galilea, Rath, Alani, Ambra, Orendi. Every time someone on their team did any thing it was backed up by the rest of their team. Rath would use Waveform/Catastrophic Smash than Galilea would pull everyone mid air in to a shadowfire pillar and emergence, all taking place in about 2 seconds. I would find Rath out of place and go to attack him, Galilea would throw her shield through Rath and stun me, Rath would turn around an attack me, Orendi would put a pill on me and all of that would happen at the same time.

The entire game went like that. They had a response for anything that happened to them. I ended up going 0-8. It also doesn’t help that that game was on a Japanese server so I was red bar.


My worst game was the only one I agreed on a surrender vote and it also was my one and only Face Off match I ever played. Was during one of the Chaos Rumbles last year.

Wasn’t really because I played bad (I kind of didn’t have that much of a chance to play, but managed to get some progress in the gamemode objective challenges from that match), but it was me with a bunch of new players without loadouts against a team with the most annoying teamcomposition imaginable (I only remember triple Galilea), none of them bothered with masks and my teammates were frustrated as hell to not be able to leave spawn most of the time.

Have seen none of those again in the game afterwards and lost any interest in playing Face Off myself too.

What exactly are you talking about? It’s almost impossible to have a FIVE MAN PREMADE (communication, awareness, around equal skill level) vs FIVE RANDOM players (Zero communication, very wild skill level and no awareness).

And no it wasn’t a back and forth. We were pushed to sentry for 5 minutes then we pushed back for 2 minutes then we lost sentry.

I had a suspicion it was a 5 man since everytime i jumped on Deande or you, Alani and the other guy would hard focus me.

Regardless incursion is dead now. No point touching that mode unless you’re a stacked team.

Just amazed you thought it was a back and forth when our team had a combined kill score of 4-7 and yours 12+. Even disregarding kills, our turrets were always backdoor and pinging deande didn’t matter since we had no reveals outside reyna mark.

I’m not going to stay vs a stacked team and be expected to do so if my team isn’t as stacked. But hey you reminded me why incursion is garbage now.

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One of my very few bad games I remember having with Orendi was when a Boldur filled me in 3 times on his own. I DIED 3 TIMES. It hurt me </3

My worst game I was Marquis playing solo with a bunch of randoms and whatever gear. White blue green.

Came up against this group who ran all Legendaries and meta stuff. One player quit out so they could try to beat us 4v5.

It was a close game they ended up winning and then messaged us all making fun of autistic people and us playing poorly. Cool people around these parts. Didn’t play for a while after that.

I will tell you this. I have face them and won with randoms many times.

Is not imposible, is hard when your team have no fking idea of what to do.

But you are implying is their fault of why incursion is garbage, and thats not true, they dont even run a stun meta, they are just rly rly good.

They dont even need mic to know what to do, they could be in mute 0 comunication and still know what to do as i have played with them and i dont use mic and they dont need to communicate to know what they plan to do.


Wrong - flat out wrong. And I never pre-made ever but I know the pre made crews by now in PS4. You must understand that not all pre-mades are created equal. Some are really really good but many are just friends trying to team up with each other because they like talking to each other.

And who is to say that 5 random players have zero communication? And no awareness? Really? How can you say that? You are not blocked to put on your mic and call stuff out. You are not restricted in a 5 man random from pinging. I always begin a match with other randoms asking them to throw on their mic if they want and usually get another 1 or 2.

All I do is queue solo by myself on PS4 incursion and I could undoubtedly say that you have some major bias and stereotyping going on.

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I do it. Vagrant does it. I’m sure others do it.

And me and Blaine playing our mains is hardly stacked. We just do us and have fun with it.


worst games for me are when i get hard countered or hard focused- i havent played gali much, but when i do i usually get focused hard. but most characters i play as can be deleted if the enemy team hates me enough LOL

if its REALLY bad, like i cant even go in lane, ill do thralls, bots, buildables, anything to try and alternatively help my team.

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It’s not stacked because you picked your mains. It’s stacked because a group of coordinated player with roughly above average skill vs players I’ve never seen or play with.

There’s no way to tell who can play what, who uses what character or to have someone fill in a role that’s missing since they ignore mics.

You could’ve picked non mains and still win. Majority of matches are determined more hy coordination and working as a team.

Why? Because even the weakest link can be covered or do good with 4 other good players. A team of randoms don’t have team coordination.

People forget this is a MOBA and in Moba’s the more organized team wins in randoms. Yes team compositions do matter but only vs another team of equal or higher skill.

Either way since the population is low, premades are hurting the game more so than helping it. So because i just run into stacked teams or play with a stacked group, Incursion is just a waste of time.

Like someone said it’s better to do QM since at least i can win against a 2 or even 3 man premade but vs a team of 5 coordinated people in a very team based map? Yeah no.

Also to make a point, Ernest, Reyna and and Marquis did not perform that well in relative to the other team. Also it’s nonsensical to expect one player to do most of the work or match another player of equal skill yet said opponent has 4 other allies willing to cover or peel and the other player does not.

:joy: :joy: :joy:


Were you even in that game? I pinged EVERY target i stunned or pulled. I even pinged Deande when she backdoored and the team sat in middle majority of the game.

In fact during character select, i asked for another melee or some more tanky characters since Galilea gets easily focused.

Well 1 of them was from Japan (reyna) and the other 3 ignored me.

But it doesn’t matter. This game is pretty much dead. No point even arguing over it since the developers and community aren’t making it better (see spawn campers vs noobs in meltdown or capture)

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