You're a healer not an Oscar Mike

I have played many a match of Battleborn and there is one thing that always confuses me when I play is when people go a more offensive version of a healer. Kleese I can see since he has a passive heal at level 5, but all the other healers don’t. They have a button you have to press to heal someone and more often then not I see people ignore this button and build damage. Miko’s who do this will heal but only to get themselves at full health. I’m not someone to say “don’t play this person like this you’re bad and you should kill yourself” no I’m not a jerk like that. I’m just curious as to why you would pick a support and complete neglect your support abilities. I’ve seen Miko, Reyna, and Alani players do this and it confuses me on a very deep level.


Your subject made me giggle because Oscar Mike is one of my favorite characters and when I play him I spend a lot of time reviving other players. His cloaking capability is perfect for coming to the rescue in situations where the team is swarmed by enemies.


Oscar Mike is one of the best characters in Battleborn.
Multi use and good at everything all around.

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Ambra is much better aggressive and Reyna needs to be around a teammate so she should also get a pass, and Alani has to fight to heal basically so it makes sense to me. Miko… that one I’d probably agree with.

Miko & Ambra are a difficult thing, because they have quiet tempting and hardcore DD-abilities. A full DPS-Miko in the right hands can wreck through whole missions with highest killcount, same for a well played Ambra.

The magic key is that these supporters are best played if you do both and most people have not this much experience at this type of multitasking yet.
Means you do damage as good as you possibly can while knowing when to switch up to heal. This is most important for Miko, since his healbeam takes more time to utilize than a sunspot set upon the right place.

Some people will turn that magic key and develope a skill of situational awareness on battlefield, while others, me included, are simply not born for his kind of multitasking :slight_smile:

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Why would you pick that offensive hero but not another? Because you like his gameplay more.

Same here. They pick Miko not because he is support, but because they like the gameplay.

One of the reasons to pick Miko for certain missions is his final tier mutation. For instance, when I run Renegade his ult completely kills the stronger spawn point from each wave almost by itself. All you do is make sure to slow the medium enemies and kite the big enemies back into the mushroom. If I’m playing with a good team, I might be lowest in damage coming into the final defense point (though usually I’m not.) But using his damage shroom on such a large number of enemies easily puts me at the top.

That said, one reason to choose his offensive choices is that his defensive choices simply aren’t necessary. In PvE, Miko has an excessive amount of healing, far more than is necessary. 50% reload, or +13hp per second on healing beam, when the heal is already overkill? In PvE, the choice is always the improved reload, as the limit on healing is related more to who can I reach as opposed to how fast I heal them once they’re in range. Obviously, choices are different between PvE and PvP, and it is certainly annoying to have a healer who doesn’t heal between waves (or on the way to the next big group of enemies,) but if Miko is dealing >200k damage on renegade with all of his gear being defensive or heal-related, surely you can see that in certain situations he can be considered an offensive character.

That said, you have to consider what the healer needs as well. Healing abilities have a certain range, and if you expect to be healed constantly then running away from me does you no good. Have you ever tried healing Orendi as he uses Nullify and bounces around every few seconds? The short range of Miko’s heal beam means he’s usually bouncing from in front of me to behind me, thus ending the heal until I back up. A similar thing occurs for characters with dash abilities … if you’re moving out of range of my heal, don’t cry when you die … your dash is faster than my sprint.

We’ve all played with inexperienced players who don’t really know how to play their characters … it happens all the time. But while its easy to observe that you’re not being healed, part of it can be that you’re not making it easy to BE healed, so its not always entirely one-sided.


I played a mix of heals/dmg Miko and had the most healing between both teams and the most kills. Like Ganjamira said, some players might not understand to do both instead of focusing on just one side or the other. Its all about the timing really.

I’m totally fine with the healer building or even focusing on DPS when appropriate.

But there’s one thing that frustrates me when people pick a healer, when they refuse to heal anyone but themselves the entire match even when there’s plenty of time to top a friendly off. I’ve had this happen mainly in pve but even in pvp sometimes. (I usually assume I’m not going to get healed in pvp anyways so I play around that)

But when we’re sitting there waiting for a teammate or waiting for some dialog, would it kill the person to toss some heals to the people sitting at low health?

Maybe they main DD heroes and don’t have a habit to heal others. Just because they never even could.

I think the key to solve this issue is: Communication.
Its totally okay to go full on DPS as support character - just communicate shortly with your teammates while character selection. Drop a short line over Mic that you´ll not heal, or if just rarely heal. (Healing is not so hard or complicated after all, even if you are not used to the job)

This itsy bit of communication can help alot to improve teamplay and to stay alive even with a “non-supportive” supporter :slight_smile:

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Well alright, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.
But that just irks me more. Most offenders of this are in advanced queue. I don’t think it’s too much to ask for someone to at least gloss over their abilities before jumping into advanced queue or pvp.

And again, totally not asking them to focus on heals, they can dps all they want, just so long as they don’t completely ignore a large portion of their kit because of their personal dps “immersion”.

Mikos are the worst. There’s a bunch that only will heal the galileas or their party friends, the ones that try to steal your kill instead of healing you, allow you to die, and let the kill run away. No time for that ■■■■■■■■. If you do that, you don’t like miko gameplay

That’d be a godsend if people did that since many times if someone sees a support on their team they play/build around it.

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Funny, my fiance plays Gal alot and just recently complaint about random Mikos healing him unnecessarily.
I remember just one of them, who just healed him even if he was full on health&shields :open_mouth:

I don´t want to have prejudices against certain characters, but I can understand them…
In my case its Marquis, I encounter so many unfriendly non-cooperative Marquis that I start to dislike the character O.O

Exactly! Many high DPS-chars built their augments arround the supporter. Orendi and Rath come to mind, or other supporters, as Ambra or Reyna.
So communication can solve a great deal of trouble ahead, since your mates know what to expect.

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[quote=“firecracker2007, post:2, topic:1505865”]
[…] when I play him I spend a lot of time reviving other players.[/quote]

I’m sorry about this, but yeah, I have to comment on this first.

I do the same thing when I’m playing Shayne & Aurox. I don’t know why, but playing characters that have that kind of utility to other people even when I’m not playing a pure healer just feels really, really good. And since I suffer with clinical depression (my brain is just wrong faced all over), things that make me feel positive, optimistic, and happy are good.

Once the lore stuff is fixed, I hope to do some PvP myself. I know I’ll be able to bring healers people can be happy about. I remember my partner telling me when I played Miko that they couldn’t understand how I could play with such a healing-focused build, and to only be an assurance that others would survive rather than having fun playing the game by fightin’.

I dunno. I guess seeing my team not die all the time can be really gratifying for me. Said partner got it when Alani came along as Alani’s healing really clicked with them.

So I think there are two good healers heading toward PvP one day, once the lore challenges are fixed. I keep forgetting how important it is to fix the lore challenges because I’m having so much fun with PvE. >:I

Anyway, yeah, that does sound like a problem. It also sounds like a way people can be, though. You’re going to have people like that. Invariably. As a neuroiverse person I can tell you that the ways people have tried to exploit me because they thought autism was equivocal to stupid so therefore I wouldn’t notice.

Not so much for me. For me it’s that I have a really hard time understanding people and they have a hard time understanding me (especially intent, and often both due to different social intelligences), I get depressed easily, I’m really quite timid, and I’m prone to freezing up and having panic fits.

Some people will just exploit you. Maybe a lot of people will just exploit you. I don’t know what kind of ratio I could put to that?? The thing is, there are good people out there. You increase your chances of encountering them if you take them in with you. I mean, whenever it is that my partner and I finally join in with PvP, I’m going to be their good healer. I hope by extension I will quickly learn to be my team’s good healer.

And I do like playing dedicated healers!

So, not everyone is going to be like that. You’ll just always encounter people who are. I don’t know, I just feel that some people have brains which are just hard-wired that way. They’ll be exploitative, even prejudice to fuel that without feeling guilt. It’s just how they are. Names like sociopathy and antisocial personality disorder have been used to try and describe it, but… I just think it’s how they’re wired.

The best thing you could do is maybe suggest to them that it’d be in their best interests to play a combat character, because the way they play a healer is toxic to the team. See how it goes, you might get lucky. Some people don’t even realise when they’re being exploitative.

I recently played on the saboteur and we had a miko in the party that didnt use his healing beam even once. Not even once. He didnt even stand by us at all. I was playing as ambra and my heals at the end were significantly higher than his which is sad. I know miko can do some damager but when you sre playing as him i dont really think theres an excuse to not heal your team mates

The reason is that people like to be able to dps and heal themselves without needing to fall back or rely on a healer.

So they choose a healer like Miko or Alani who can CC and dps and heal themselves.

This is why I think it would be nice if you could select a title after you select your character to tell the team how you intend to play.

You could have some simple options like support, healer, tank, minion clear . …

It is frustrating but honestly, being a good support requires a good player first. You could make this observation about any character but it’s even more evident when using a support character. My advice is to offer them advice via PM or just to let it go.