You're gonna squeal before we cook ya

Just doing a playthrough on the xbox one and got to the Catch a ride mission, if memory serves the gate next to the white chest is supposed to open when you shoot Bonehead?

Never had this happen on the 360 and was wondering if it’s a bug that has occurred on the one.

If it’s the white chest with the mission item in it, don’t you have to actually pick that up before it opens?

Annoying - I actually did this same mission a few weeks ago, but I have no memory of the gate at all. (I do remember it from the BL2 missions though!)

The gate didn’t open once I opened the chest either.
There was only a thug behind the gate on this occasion but in the past I’ve had all sorts run out of that area.

Don’t know then. I’ll have a look at my 'toons and see if there are any I can run that with fairly quickly.

OK, Pt.1 and I was initially under-levelled. The gate was closed when I first attempted to get Bone Head, but when I finally took him down it was open. Not sure exactly when, unfortunately - I was hiding around the corner with a sniper rifle for most of the fight!

Yeah I think they only came out because you were under leveled.
They thought they had a chance to kill you lol.