''You're not fooling anyone'' - Commandant Steele

Hey, I just got this message from Commandant Steele while playing Borderlands 1, Prior to killing Sledge, Even so prior to entering the Headstone Mines

The message basicly says that mercenary activities such as going around killing locals and their leader is unnaceptable and that I should surrender while I still can. It’s the first time in all my Borderlands years that I get this odd message. Note that I’m currently farming, I’m level 19 at the moment, Hoping to get to 20 before heading to Sledge, So I thought this might be a reminder that I have a mission to complete, Just like when Clap-Trap reminds players of missions on bounty boards and NPCs etc. The wiki says the first time Steele is seen is after we kill Sledge, Tho I now know it’s untrue, Maybe it’ll need to be changed.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone got this message and can clarify why it appears, What triggers or or whatever. Thanks fams.

I have heard that dialogue as well. It’s mentioned in the wiki as being heard before you go to kill Sledge, but after you’ve advanced far enough to have acquired that mission. I think it may be triggered by passing a specific location, but it’s also possible that there’s a timer involved (which might explain why you don’t always hear it).

Did Steele’s message trigger around the bandit camp right before the safehouse? (Where there’s also a scavenger mission.) I think it’s supposed to trigger around there after you’ve gotten the mine key from the Roid Rage Pyscho, but it’s bugged… there’s a thread somewhere else here called “unheard Borderlands dialogue” or something like that that goes into it.

This one?

Yeah that’s it! I just found it myself and was about to edit my post. :slight_smile:

I didnt think the message meant much, other than what is already said after you kill sledge. Its basically her just saying you have one warning to stop killing bandit tribe leaders, which sledge is one of. Thats what it sounds like to me, at least.

I have a theory though.

So what if you were originally intended to fight sledge in his safe house, but the devs changed their minds later in developement? When they changed their minds, they just got rid of the dialouge by disabling it to play during the time it was supposed to, but not completely. Now we are hearing what you were supposed to hear when you killed him in the safe house. Eh, probably not.

That’s something I wondered once. I think during my first-ever playthrough I wasn’t playing too close attention and kinda thought I was going to fight Sledge in the safehouse. Afterwards, I kinda had this feeling that there was something ‘extra’ added in that sequence of the story, and then I also remember an old BL1 trailer where I think I remember Brick fighting the Roid Rage Psycho in an outdoor area amongst all the other gameplay footage (though all of that could have been ‘staged’ footage created by the devs specifically for the trailer)

Yep, Exactly where I heard it, Tho I had already gotten the Mine Key. I was farming for challenges, Wanted to get to level 20 before Sledge (for the fun of it)

One of my favorite theory (While we’re at it) is that, You know hwo the med Clap-trap in new haven is always scared, Like the Zombie Island one? And how the after-credit cinematic shows CL4P-TP becoming a Interplanetary Ninja Assasin? I like to think that all the DLC’s were already ready for sale at the moment they launched the game. And they re-used the same Clap-Trap from the Zombie Island DLC for New Haven, And forgot to change it’s dialogue, So it kept being scared like on Jakob’s Cove, Even tho there’s no real reason for it to be scared.