YouTube Collaberation or Join me

Hello everyone, I’m writing a new youtube video for an episode of BB character review. I want to do Toby this episode and I was wondering if anyone wanted to do some sort of collaboration or join me in making the video. Basically we will split tobys abilities in half (I talk about a certain set and you will be talking about the other abilities). I will do all of the editing and overall of Toby. I can do it on my own but I guess I find it better with a supporting guest reviewer.

This was my last review of Reyna

So Hoping to make it twice as better with each video, shoot me a message

Would be a Plus if you have

  • Skype
  • Voice Recording (To add into the video while I’m editing)
  • Know Toby Well
  • Love Battleborn

Thank you.

would be up for this, though id rather use discord <3
im assuming pc?

I play on ps4 but It wouldn’t matter much. do you stream or make youtube videos?

Yup. I play on PS4 and PC. I can only stream during the early afternoon hours utc, and record all my ps4 matches, but only am currently uploading pve matches where we acquire legendaries (started doing that before we knew how they were dropped, it’s kinda pointless now, but i keep doing it since i dont need to edit them much).
Also, my internet is out till thursday at the earliest, and my ps4 is being serviced and wont be back for a month, but, I’m in it for the long term. :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, whenever you are ready. I want to show you what I’ve been working on

I’m sure @Kaleidodemon wouldn’t mind setting aside a channel for us (maybe just ‘youtube’ or ‘collaboration’ or ‘artsy fartsy’) on the discord. There’s already a cosplay channel that I seem to be the only one in. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually I have several channels made that are currently hidden. I’ve been waiting for them to add nested/grouped channels to the Discord app so that things won’t get so cluttered. If need be I can unhide them and hope that people don’t complain too much.