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Hey guys! SOOOO excited for the Remastered release! Already pre-ordered!!! In preparation for the release i’ve started up a Let’s Play of the original that I found collecting dust in one of my drawers. I had a question with regards to the Classic and Remastered version of the games.

Are we, as video creators, allowed to monetize videos of the game? We need to have some kind of proof of approval from developers and just wanted to see as I haven’t found anything on Google.

Either way i’m making videos because this game is too epic to leave alone!

Keep doing what you guys do best!

I’m no expert, but I think you can. Loads of people do.

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The situation is certainly not that clear, look at Nintendo’s take on this for instance:

That aside, you might also face issues from Youtube itself. For instance in a video I did of Elite Dangerous the Blue Danube was playing (it’s part of the game) and I received a DMCA claim about it. I could see the same thing happening if you were to record and share the introduction of Homeworld 1 with Barber’s Agnus Dei in the background.

And if the developers gave you permission to monetize it then you could have fought it…you would need proof of some sort (email, forum post, etc) but you could have fought it. Really i’m looking to get the developers permission as YouTube looks for this. It also could be how you were playing it…if you weren’t doing your own commentary over the video and just playing it that could be why YouTube made a claim against it. It all really depends. I’m going to try to email the company today and post their response on here for future video creators!

Developers’ permission was not the issue here, the DMCA claim was actually from another party, I guess I wasn’t clear enough. And frankly, no point fighting in my case as it was made for a bugreport.

Be very careful with this. I’ve sent two emails to Gearbox this week, none of which has gotten a reply. I am as burning for an LP of Homeworld as you, but the soundtrack will be an instant copyright strike if there’s no consent by the developer. I’d highly suggest you contact them as well, and present this question for the sake of us all.

this is one of those games that’s absolutely terrible for youtubeing or livestreaming.

on that basis alone, doubt they’ll pursue. what’s the point of lawyering up over a couple of dollars.

There’s no need to lawyer up with YouTube. The site attributes copyright strikes and shuts down channels if its automated content ID system picks up a sound similar to one in its database. All automatic. There are cases where game developers have to contact YouTube demanding them to allow video footage of their games.

Yeah it’s more of a protections from YouTube if anything. This was the response I recieved from Ludeon

Thanks for writing in.

We love when fans make awesome creations based on our games, but don’t typically give formal approval when it comes to things like this. The general guidance I can give you is that the lawyers typically don’t see a need to get involved unless someone is attempting profit from unlicensed use of our IP’s.

I haven’t had any strikes against my account on YouTube yet and responded asking specifically if it was ok and noting what YouTube says in regard to consent.

if you are asked by YouTube to provide more information about your video game content, it may be helpful to provide the following:

  • Name of the game
  • Direct URL link to any applicable licensing terms for that software
  • If the license doesn’t grant commercial use rights,
    you may be be required to provide written permission from the
  • If there are any third-party images or audio embedded in
    the video that is not directly associated with the video game, please
    include proof of explicit permission granting commercial use rights
    for such third-party audio and/or visual elements

Haven’t gotten a response back yet.

Just like me. I’ve also tweeted the question to them, both gearbox and homeworld profiles. No response. I’m guessing they’re staying in the sidelines and seeing if they prey on some youtubers who think they won’t get hit with content ID matches.
But that response sounds like it came from someone who didn’t have any specific instructions on the matter. I’ll read the EULA when I download the game, maybe there’s a permission for non-commercial use there. If not, I’m not sticking my neck out, Gearbox is clearly not interested in making life easy on content creators.

I would suggest that perhaps, with release being rather near, they are busy doing a few things.

I’ll reach out to get something official, but don’t hold your breath, folks.

Interested in this also. CCP (EVE Online / Dust 514) officially gave us permission last year.

That would be most welcome. Thank you =)

Yeah i’m probably going to send another email as that response was last week sometime…so it’s more recent. Maybe poking the bee’s nest again will get me something :smiley: And hopefully not something painful

You should definitely do that. However, I’d point out they evaded your first question, and when you insisted, they did not respond. As they did with me. So, it seems this topic is off-limits to them. But I would at least get a straight answer from them. I never imagined this would be an issue in 2015 =/ Every other developer I know addresses the footage distribution matter…

Is this silence a Gearbox thing or a Homeworld thing? Can you monetize footage from any of their other games?

Yeah, people have made careers off Bl2 videos/streaming.

I think the issue is Homeworlds soundtrack will get instantly recognised by the evil auto-copyright bot, then BAM hit with an infringement.

It’s a Gearbox thing. They did not give permission to redistribute their content anywhere. The issue is that borderlands does not have a soundtrack that youtube’s content id system might pick up. HW does. There’s going to be a lot of people getting their channels shut down this week. They’re really not taking this seriously, but they will. I just hope not too late.

Anyone get a response for this yet, or any other information on the topic?

Nothing yet but I can’t help but share my joy of this game!