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Has your favourite YouTuber ever put out this awesome new build that looks amazing and just decimates bosses instantly, and then you copy that build almost identically, farm for all the necessary gear with the right anointments, and after all that time your build just feels so underwhelming. It’s almost like Youtuber’s are playing a different version of the game then I’m playing lol. I’m not the greatest player ever but I can hold my own and I do feel like most of the time I’m just tickling enemies in M10. Is it an issue on my end or is it the power creep? Any suggestions help! I play all characters btw so feel free to recommend some builds that work for you.


Well you should tell us what weapons your using along side your builds you currently use so people can help you better. Like the 3 main builds for Fl4k that pop up on youtube alot are
Rakk attack


and GB builds

are more or less the same between their variations. If you aren’t managing it with some of these builds it may come down to a gear or a player issue. For gear anointments and weapon parts prettty much make or break builds.
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Ive never copied a build from a youtuber but Ive seen K6 with a Seeing Dead class mod that I believe was modded. He had 5 points in Donnybrook and the most Ive ever seen was 3 and Ive had hundreds of Seeing Dead coms drop. Not only did he have 5 points in Donnybrook, he had the best passive rolls that one could get. Too good to be true so I dont believe his com is from a legit drop but I could be wrong.


If it’s from one of his build videos at the end of a playthrough he usually provides a download of the build he made on stream, and one with perfect gear that he wasn’t able to farm on stream. At least that was his approach with BL2. I can’t recall if that’s the case with his BL3 content since I stopped watching all BL3 content until I got the game on Steam and completed a near 100% campaign and DLC playthrough myself (sans takedowns).

Beyond that, I know some of the stream team have had early access, and it’s possible that his build of the game isn’t what the average person has access to at any given time.

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Have you checked, if he had guardian ranks enabled? Have you checked the rolls on his gear? Anoints? Age of build and nerf history?

Everything you see on YouTube is the current or older version of BL3. Even if some streamers sometimes have advanced versions of the game, their 're under nda and thus not allowed to show it anywhere.

For Zane I made a build in the forums named spec(tator) Ops, which is a clone focused build and you’ll probably find the same or nearly the same build on YouTube under another name. It’s powerful but if you don’t at least try to kill stuff yourself it gets boring really fast.


I agree with Superfr34k guardian ranks enabled and level of guardian rank plays a huge factor,say if your guardian rank is mid 100’s even to 250 and his is 500 to 600 even with similar gear you might not see the same results from identical builds and gear


Typically a lot of streamers turn off Guardian Rank & BAR in BL2 when playing as a courtesy.

With a lot of the streamers on good terms with Gearbox, the ones they fly out and what-not, they record their videos ahead of the release of new content so it can be posted the day of the launch. In that sense, if there are hotfixes or revisions to a patch between when they get their access to download and make their content, and the actual release, what you see isn’t necessarily what you get.

Same goes for simply outdated videos.

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@tuck7216 Facts (to what you said earlier)

Keep in mind that most streamers/Youtubers use save files (PC), and have subscribers who are save editors…

That way, they can always have the best stats on the best weapons. That’s why you see all these +5 Class mods with ONLY the best stats circulating…

Aside from just learning your characters one day at a time, take inspiration from some forum builds, then adjust it based on your play style…at least that way, you got normal folks who can help you better than Steamers can.

Good luck…If you’re a Doom/Quake kinda guy and you play Moze…I made this build…just a suggestion


Many streamers and YTers literally play this game for their jobs (or at least a decent amount of them who post build videos do). I’ve played BL3 around 1,000 - 1,100 hours at this point, and I am still learning new things about the game every single day. Some of those streamers have 2-3 times (or more) that many hours.

A lot of times the gear makes the difference for pushing a build over the top, but without the skill, experience, and game knowledge, the gear doesn’t mean much.

I am not saying - at all - that the OP (or anyone else here) just needs to “Git Gud.” What I am trying to say is that when you look at what some streamer or YTer shows you in a gameplay clip, when comparing that to your own gameplay experience, you have to also consider that many of them literally play the game for a living.


I appreciate everyone’s feedback. I’ve played through all the borderlands games extensively and have a build I like with nearly every playable character in the franchise. I’m not sure what it is about this BL3 that I struggle with so much. I’ll take all these tips and tricks and try to put them towards my gameplay!


It’s probably your passive stats. You’ve gotta remember how much damage those bring, especially since a lot of them are V2. For example, the difference between a FL4KUNCHER Fl4k with AOE, splash damage, and splash radius and one without is pretty massive since AOE is huge damage and convenience increase for that set up.

The specific skills on a COM rarely matter more than good passive rolls. Same applies to the artifact to a lesser extent. An otto idol with shotgun damage and hyperion weapon crit will deal way more damage than a victory rush with reload speed and elemental resistances when using a reflux for example.


I mostly use streamer’s builds as jumping off points. I take their build, and adjust points here and there, to make use of skills I am more comfortable with. So most of my builds are slight modifications of things like Chain Zane, or Deputy FL4K, or Hellzerker, tweaked to my particular play style/ability. Some work great all around, like my Rakk Fl4k can mob or boss, and so can my Moze (red/green tree 1 go build using the 50/150 Rad anoint), but my drone and dome Zane and TTB Amara, while they can mob like crazy, they struggle with a lot of bosses that Fl4k can kill with just a Clairvoyance or Maggie. My point is, I’ve found more success, and fun, figuring out which styles, skills and weapons suit me best, and just running with it. I may not kill as fast as them, and I may go down more than them, but I still have a heck of a good time.


This. Their subscribers are constantly mailing them duped and modded gear. The streamers accept the gear, not really caring if the gear is duped or modded.

I used to watch Borderlands 3 streams but stopped after realizing this. The last streamer I watched held out for as long as possible but eventually caved and accepted duped, modded gear from other streamers.


Eh, I’ve 250 hours on the game and I’ve managed to get 2 that are so near perfect that they might as well be. While I understand the propability of that happening even once is low what with how many possibilities there are, you shouldn’t act like it’s impossible.
Someone playing the game enough to make money out of it has a higher propability of running into god rolls every now and then through the sheer amount of hours they put in.

+5 COM’s do exist, however are excruciatingly rare in my experience. I have only found a couple, and they had dookie rolls. @tysonyar did send me a dope +5 Frenzy Bounty Hunty the other day though.

I have never seen a One-Shotter or Killswitch shield though “in the wild”

Also, @Lammas, you got some mad crazy luck to have found TWO good +5 COM’s with so few hours.

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While I don’t doubt that a lot of the gear they use is the result of someone editing a save file, I have seen a +5 Donnybrook drop once, on my last playthrough of the Jackpot. It had totally useless sub-stats, though, so I wasn’t about to swap it for my my current mod, which only has +2 Donnybrook and +3 Playing Dirty but amazing sub-stats that actually work for my set-up. I’ve seen a number of various +5 coms in my 1000 or so hours, but never one with perfect sub-stats. Of course, it’s also possible it was a gift from GBX, as I’ve heard they also give gifts of gear to members of the stream team.

i have seen that affect. consider the chance that the build is m10 gear and the play is m1 or m0. but that is not the case most of the time. modifiers affect ttk a lot more than i would like. when i want to " decimate" i turn off mayhem. but in m10 i have to hide and run ALL the time.

Well, that’s the near perfect.
The other one has perfect stats with +3 +1 +1 while the perfect one would be +3 +2.
The other is a +5 in the correct skill with 2 perfect stats with the last roll kinda missing the mark but not being completely useless either.
EDIT: I should probably also mention that neither of them is near perfect for what I’m currently running but if I ever become interested in Jakobs snipers again or feel like making a Beacon (or other splash pistol focused) build, I’m covered.

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@vCarpeDiemv @Lammas

Yea +5 COMs do exist, but not with the rolls that just happen to be convenient for the streamer’s build…

In my 1000+ hours of playing, these are COMs I’ve personally found (the stats suck):

This is from a steamer save :

It’s too perfect…and before farm patch, you used to have to farm Tink of Cunning…he did not run all those trials for this lol

I’ve always been under the impression that YouTubers don’t farm for their gear, at least not all of it. Come on let’s be realistic, if it’s a job to them that would be inefficient and a waste of time (a HUGE waste of time since the state of farming in bl3…).
I guess they have their trade going and it’s sufficient for them to say “I need X piece of gear with Y and Z stats” and they get sent one.
It does not matter if its edited or not, the stats are perfect but realistically droppable, in theory…

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