You've Been Stunned by the System!

Kid Ultra can be built for many things. Support, off damage, wave clear, etc. The goal of this one is to buff Bola into an insanely powerful kill move, without ever seeing your foes.
Kid Ultra has been out for a while with mostly positive reception. Sadly, some people don’t appear to have their mutations for him due to a glitch of some kind. I didn’t want to exclude people so, Within this build I will outline a mutationless build in bold.

  1. Right: Pain Compliance
    Enemies damaged with Bola Snare take additional damage over time. +213 damage over 2 seconds
    This is the bread and butter of this build. It allows him absolutely superb wave clear, and allows him to deal decent damage to enemy Battleborn.

Level 2: Search and Destroy
When a Support Drone stops healing, it will fly toward a nearby enemy and detonate. +200 damage
Even better wave clear. No real competition here.
Preference. Neither is a clear winner. Though, if you need to land the drones for lore, pick Shield Coil Module.

Level 3: Missile Massacre
Increases the number of rockets that can be fired from the Rocket Gauntlet before reloading. +3 Rockets
This is a sizable DPS decrease, while Retro Rockets, which I tried to love, simply wasn’t useful enough. Especially because of the lag when alternating between fire and alt fire. Sorry, Kid Ultra, you can’t be Mellka.

Level 4: Bank Shot
Bola Snare bounces off of environment surfaces and towards a nearby enemy up to 3 times.
Absolutely no contest. Quadrupling potential CC, DOT, and general damage is no joke. His best helix.

Level 5: Power of Friendship
Increases the effect of Aura of Justice for each allied Battleborn in range of the aura. +10% Effect Increase
Simply better than the other options. Swarming Nanites is nearly detrimental, and Hero in Training is worse simply based off of numbers.

Hero in Training:
Minor enemy:
5 (1.4) or 7 seconds x 5% = 35% extra

Major enemy:
20 (1.4) or 28 seconds x 10% = 280% extra

Power of Friendship:
Minor enemy:
5 seconds x 15% = 75% extra

Major enemy: 20 extra x 20% = 400% extra

It’s clear which is stronger

Level 6: Snare Spread
Bola Snare now fires 3 Bola’s in a V that each deal reduced damage. +2 Bolas, 50% Damage per Bola
Massive DOT and CC upgrade? Yes please!
Danger Drones is still a solid choice, with little to no competition.

Level 7: Smart Rockets
Increases Rocket Gauntlet and Rocket Vortex base damage. +18% Attack Damage
Better wave clear. Ka-ching!

Level 8: Heal-splosion!
Support drones grant an additional burst of healing to all nearby allies when spawned.
He desperately needs burst healing. The other is nice, but not as useful in this build.
When using Danger Drones, use Support Network. This increases damage by a lot

Level 9: Tranq Shot
Enemies affected by Bola Snare are stunned, rather than slowed. +2 Seconds Stun Duration
It’s the name of the build people, c’mon

Level 10: Preference. All are strong here.

Skill Damage:


Attack Damage:

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The goal of this build is to wave clear, but also to mass stun. You can use his from behind walls to end entire pushes, as well as obliterate minions with your main fire. Spam as often as possible, and go spread justice! (This may be nerfed)


Yeah bola spread doesn’t half the bleed I noticed so it basically is stronger than the single bola by a mile. If you use it on an enemy near a wall or get in someone’s face its capable of doing around 1000 damage


Do you use a shard item? I tried your loadout and it’s really hard to get shards for pvp :open_mouth:

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Oh yeah you can replace cooldown with shards. I don’t, but I don’t use legendaries on him

That bleed is a little much if you ask me, I’ve used it and if there is a battleborn it is pretty much guaranteed free 350 damage to multiple targets with a slow (on the other hand it is competing with less cooldown on drones


Very cool. Haven’t gotten to try kid ultra in pvp yet so this guide is a nice little road map on how to start with him.

Also congrats on (I believe) your first character build!

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Correct and thanks! I just wish I wasn’t on mobile so I could make it color coded :cry:

Yah did a decent job. I was working on a guide but was able to do it on laptop but I have no idea how to properly color code or load gear up and what not

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Thanks again! In order to get the pics you click on the arrow share button on the gear icon you want from lowlines gear page

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