Yup, Still Hate the Guardian Takedown

Whoever decided to add unforgiving jumping puzzles to the GTD should be fired, their image burned from all company photos, and their favorite coffee mug destroyed.

Same with the person who added Pippie.


It is terrible, frankly my least favorite element of the MT was the Valkyrie map where you could fall through the map just off the central platform. Falling death and places where it can happen are just awful because this isn’t a platformer and the controls and views aren’t tweaked to handle that.


You need to be wary of your surroundings. BL3 may not be a platformer, but that doesn’t mean GBX can’t incorporate them into the game. I’ve maybe fallen off the MTD platform once… and miss timed a GTD platform less than 5 times total. The only reason I missed the platforms in the GTD was because it was the first few times I ran it, and once while playing co-op and the internet connection glitched. Other than that, I’ve never fallen. It’s just a matter of knowing your position at all times. And, to be honest, you should know where you’re at while playing. Otherwise, the game is just easy mode and you’d never die.

The GTD is, by far, the most challenging part of BL3, and it’s not that challenging. I hate the idea of taking away a part of the takedown that adds a level of difficulty to the game. Yeah, a lot of people complain that it doesn’t add difficulty, it’s just annoying. Well, if it wasn’t at least a little difficult, no one would complain.


I know where my character is, I’m not playing the game with my eyes closed. I’m happy for you, that you’ve only fallen a few times. But that in no way negates my concern with the game.

Most of the issues concerning split-screen play make GTD that much more frustrating and difficult. So knowing where I’m at, and being aware of my surroundings is a bit difficult when my field of view is skewed in the wrong direction.

The jumping aspects to GTD are a distinct departure from the essence of the Borderlands franchise, and are decidedly “unfun” for me.


Mantling and sliding are distinct departures from the other Borderlands games as well. While I do agree that split screen has issues, it does not mean that platforming is a bad thing in this game. I like it, as it adds more difficulty to the game.


GBX removed jumping and sliding anoints specifically because they weren’t popular. That’s a pretty good indication that GBX screwed up with GTD. They included aspects of the game that players have been complaining about since launch.

I can appreciate that you enjoy these elements, but you’ll never convenience me that they are good or add value and depth to the game. I’d rather deal with anointed militants and the original M10 scaling, than suffer through another takedown with such gimmicky aspects. GTD is a good indication of how well GBX listens.


Why wont people complain if it was just annoying? What kinda logic is that? Lol…


Platforming was actually a good thing in TPS, because it also gave the players tools to better control their air movement. BL3 does not.

A mechanic without the means to properly handle it, or at least to adjust for little mistakes on the players side because of enemy fire or miscalculation, is not really difficulty. Rather it’s bad game design.


I never mentioned anointments, but I know where you were going with that. The anointments have nothing to do with how we move. The ones that were for sliding and jumping were reactionary to our gear use. And I take it you were talking about the anointments again when mentioning players have been complaining since launch. And again, you’re purposefully confusing anointments with actual character movements.

GBX listens to feedback but that doesn’t mean they want or are taking feedback on the direction of their game franchise. Especially not for BL3. There’s only one more DLC, for now. Not much is going to change in this game.

I may have had a few beers while writing that… I meant to say that any amount of difficulty will make people complain. At least that’s the track record for this game so far.

its more annoying when you miss a jump or slide off platform and have to restart by killing everything again and charging crystals all over again…assuming were talking about the 2nd takedown as first one is easy but 2nd is one is pain in the butt

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Honestly my problem with the GTD isn’t even so much the crappy annoying jumping puzzles. I find the first boss fight (Anathema?) very poorly designed. Just a couple of the issues I’ve had with this;

Being put into ffyl half way across a jump pad and dropping like a rock to my death - instant back to the start.

The bosses ~12 immunity phases - just no. Not fun. Do some damage, run away, do some damage - boring as hell.

Enemies doing knock back - you have to fight on a number of floating platforms where falling off is instant fail and yet the guardians and the boss can appear out of nowhere and knock you off.

Jump pads turning on and off - this can happen rather suddenly and god forbid you have any momentum going. Falling off is one thing, running off the edge under my own steam is just a dick punch. Why do they even turn off?

Lack of second wind opportunities. I have been put into ffyl on the middle platform with only the boss in sight, very frustrating, and I don’t think doing enough damage to get through the current immunity phase grants a second wind either.

It’s a mess in coop. Doing it with my coop partner we would often end up on different platforms as you run for the nearest jump pad when the need arises. The boss can then appear in front of one of us while the other is well out of range with no jump pads to help out.

Some of these apply to the final fight as well, I just rarely get that far.


I still don’t like either takedown, think I beat the first one once or twice and not bothered playing the second after my first few attempts. The second I do think is worst due to its mechanics and the many ways to be one shot as well as distance required to get first checkpoint. Personally I dislike the takedowns would if preferred another slaughter shaft even tho since bl 1 the circle of slaughter arenas were my least favourite sidecquests.


Its always a nice day to remind the devs Peppie still sucks.

Yeah totally agree with this. I was trying to do some raid matchmaking (emphasis on TRYING).
And then i thought, “if we match for the guardian takedown, there’s a big chance one of us will screw up a jump and ruin everything”.

So i stopped matchmaking and went on my own, as usual.


I swear this game hates coop sometimes. Almost every problem with the game and the raids by proxy is exacerbated in coop, it’s so frustrating.


My best advice on playing GTD is just dont play it.

I dont care how challenging it is when I dont find it to be any fun or rewarding. The best item is a broken shield for Fl4k. and I play Zane.


Randomnly having your splash gun shoot at your feet would add difficulty as well. Or losing control of your character and looking straight up like a good old Quake 3 bot.
All of that would make the game as un-fun as those platforming parts. So, it’s all opinion here;-)


I thought the MT was a fun bit of content. Usually had a pretty good MP experience in it as well. Just in terms of gameplay it worked. The loot experience was literally broken for a large chunk of time and when it was “working” it was still terrible for drops.

The GTD is terrible all around. It might be a lot better with a team but M2.0 has so broken the MP experience that I can’t even get a team to go.


Mantling and sliding aren’t distinct departures - they’re a natural extension of crossing the terrain to continue to your shooting and looting objective, in a shooting and looting game.

So is jumping.

That is to say, jumping is a natural extension of crossing the terrain, to continue to your shooting and looting objective, in a shooting and looting game.

Mario-style “Game Over” penalties for missing jumps, are not part of that equation, any more than skill trees and load-out synergies are a part of the Mario equation.

Far less Game Over penalties for janky jumping sequences in a game engine designed for shooting and looting… not for getting to a flagpole.


The worst part of the first Takedown is, as Dalbuc made mention… dying from falling at the Valkyries’ section.

I swear, I went full F-it mode, and camped in the entry to get that segment done, on TTD mode.

TTD Wotan was a million times less tedious.

The Spheres on the bridge, while equally tedious, never once presented me with a Game Over, much less an instant one.

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The insta-death is the problem for me. The core gameplay is death is reversible- fight for your life. I can always get myself back up (in theory).

So while my core game skills are not final something tertiary (at best) to the game experience - platforming- involves insta-death that carries the same penalty as gun death but without the associated mitigation opportunity.

If they are going to have platforming sections, they should not, they should at least put them immediately after a save point so progress isn’t totally borked if you fall thanks to the really floaty jumping controls.