Yup, Still Hate the Guardian Takedown

I saw all about it and I did not try it as was full of issues, unjustified difficulty and totally unrewarding. I came back after months in Destiny 2, mainly for GT and new DLC.

The DLC I think is the best so far, better story and story telling, dynamic and rewarding. Better than anything which includes the shallow and childish main story. So, this together with the latest patches/hot fixes I start to have hopes again for the game.

I tried new builds and it was fun. Still, the weapons balance is way off, but much better than 2 month ago when I stop playing.

I farmed for some Level 60 weapons and did a few true Maliwan Takedown runs. Even though in M10 I still see green and even white items dropping (especially in DLC), and legendary either still not scaled or not yet buffed, it was a fun experience and relatively rewarding. Many anointments still makes no sense for some weapons or weapons types, but better than before (it took me a bit less than 16h to get the right combination for my shotgun… anyhow).

So, I felt good and confident that my Amara is now ready to tackle the Guardian Takedown! What a mistake I did.

Guardian takedown which practically have a single item that worth consider especially for Zane, for a solo player is a waste of time from any perspective .

Maybe I’m biased as I hate jumping puzzles and even more pointless ones. GT environment design is a very imaginative and good one. However, I guess was targeting masochist players as is pointlessly unforgiving.

I get the mechanic in which you need to achieve something in order to progress but I don’t get when you need to kill stuff for no reason. If i want that I go in M0 with M10 red suit to show them how a god looks like.

And there is a single checkpoint… Kill again the stupid fauna, juggle position and charge crystals, do an idiotic jumping puzzle, miscalculate by a millimeter a jump and start from the beginning. In this moment you deleted the fun from the equation.

I don’t think failing, outside of combat, to send you at the beginning of the encounter, is something that should ever be implemented. Is not only not fun, it’s idiotic. Look at Destiny. You fail the encounter with the boss, that encounter is restarted. You don’t die at Calus and send you to garden.

Even so, once all enemies are killed, falling should reset the puzzle not the whole damn massacre. Even in Maliwan Takedown at Valkyrie is the same. However, you are there in combat. In GT is worst. If in MT there are places where you can fall off the map, are only a few, but falling would most probably be due to player’s being too cocky or zealous. In GT this is purposely designed so and that is bad. Why platforms suddenly appear after killing some fauna is beyond me. Why the platforms are translucent, moving and with a few millimeters tolerance for jump, is cruel and pointless. I never died in any encounter but from jumping puzzles outside combat. And after a while of repeating same content it becomes boring like hell. And for what? For a maybe to get the weapon I want (that will most probably have the wrong attributes and anointment). So, I gave up. Once is enough and I did not got the SMG. I don’t think I will even bother to play even the DLC with Zane and Fl4k. GT took away the little excitement I had. In a couple of months I will check again. From November though, Destiny 2 Beyond Light is coming and I doubt that Borderlands will offer anything to lure me from there. A DLC is fun for a week tops, if done with all four characters. But after that there is only a bit of farm and then… nothing.

As promised in my last post, I came back when the pulse in the community was good. And it is a good one, and for good reason, the last DLC which I also love. But… Skill trees are still not fully working as described. Fl4k still juggles second winds more than Amara casts phasegrasps… still too many weapons useless or inefficient unless specific situation and/or build… still no build save / load… Nah…

Such a shame… such a waste…


And just to add another one… Three consecutive runs without even one dedicated drop.

This is so not fun…

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That’s criminal. Even on M0, you should get something (at M0 level of course). And I only want two items for the memes. For actual game play, there are much better drops from much easier targets.

So GTD is either a waste of time or poorly balanced in the effort/reward department.

Seeing posts like this reminds me why I never even tried this takedown. I personally didn’t like the empowered scholar fight from guns love and tentacles. So I can’t imagine even kind of enjoying this takedown at all. From the outside, it seems like a slog that is only reinforced by the idea that once your down, you’re done. I seriously hate this approach to “difficulty”.


Well, Gearbox never understood the word “Balance”, even if it is spelled out in front of them. They had balance issues in the previous games as well. Gearbox just don’t like single players very much. I pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition a long time ago and it has been sitting in my closet ever since, because i read so much bad things about it and saw many old Borderland players leave the game. I installed it just recently in the hope that things had been fixed and to see for myself why so many left. Now i know why…
The design is horrible in many places and the game is completely lacking the atmosphere from the first two games. I loved BL1 and BL2 even more but BL3 can’t live up to that. Many of the in game characters look like crap. Still bugs in the game who should have been fixed instead of making new DLC’s and i really feel like i am playing a bad clone between the original Borderland, Far Cry and Ratchet and Clank. It’s also sad to see that the designers at Gearbox didn’t mature enough to get past the platform syndrome.
The only thing left for me, is to get the Trophies i’m still missing. Then i’ll delete the game and sell it to someone who like this kinda games and my days playing Borderlands are over. A BL4 can only be worse.
I respect those who love this game to pieces and wish you all the best of fun playing.

I don’t mind that GTD has platforming. I mind that it is one of only TWO raids (and the only one difficult enough to really be worth it), and the difficulty is based almost solely on platforming. Give us other raid options, and GTD would be a fun departure at times. Forcing us into platforming for the one decently challenging bit of the game makes it a chore. Believe it or not, I didn’t buy BL3 because I love Mario.

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