Yyyooooo...(Desperate gamer seeking gaming companion)

Whats up people? Im REALLY bored & all I want to do is play some BL2. Unfortunetly (is that right? doesnt look like it), the whole “bored” part also means I dont want to play alone, but all my friends are busy bein Desticles or on The Division. This means I need new friends. So, before anyone says yes, a little about myself. Im a nasty (read: perv) person who really likes sterotypes. For example, you’re black so you must love watermelone. Mexican? You like Corona & tacos, probably of the pink variety. Lol. White? Sounds like a beer-swiggin,freedom-lovin, gun toter who may be votin for Trump. (Please no politics. Im a feeble-minded female who knows nothing about it & bases my opinions on EVERYTHING I hear, whilst doin no actual research.) Or maybe im actually none of these things & because im so bored im makin up half this ■■■■ as I go. Who knows? Ugh, my point is I need a new “friend” to just play some damn BL2 with. We dont even have to talk if you dont want. I guess the word im lookin for right now is desperate, huh? Yeah. Desperate gamer seeking gaming companion for BL2. That should be the title for this. As a matter of fact…

Also, I should probably mention I am on the PS4.

Don’t worry, you should have no problem finding friends;p It will help if you say which region/country you’re playing in!

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Oh and appreciate the honesty lol.

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Im down to play my Gamer tag is Vero_peekz

USA, bruh. Florida.

What level are your character/s and looking to do story/dlc’s or bosses, etc.?
I’m on most nights (during summer) around 11 est. If you don’t mind no mic, I’m available.

PSN: Sun_TsuNami

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yo inv hoganexe psn

Ive got a lvl 50 somethin Siren, lvl 10 (?) MM, & a lvl 7 Assassin (thats ones strictly for me to play with my wifey, though) on BL2. I have a lvl 30 somethin GZ (i think), a lvl 7 (maybe) somethin, & a lvl 6 (another maybe) FT on PS.

No mic, no problem.

According to PSN, you dont exist, homie.

Looking for New friends also ADD ME PSN-STEALTHKIDSUMO
From New York 26