Zane a flynt?(SPOILERS?)

Zane related to the flynts?


Like Captain Flynt’s, um, brother-in-law or something?

(Edit) Well actually that explains why Zane looks kinda like a techno-pirate.

Now I need to know more! Only a few more days…

I think he is trolling, but don’t know.

It’s also not like two people can’t have the same surname.

Since Baron Flynt (BL1) and Capt Flynt (BL2) are indicated to be brothers, he may be the 3rd brother, the age seems to work from the presented artwork. Zane does look, lets say, 10 years more than Baron Flynts age. Can’t tell about Capt. F since we never see his face.
So I’ll assume he’s a third brother. not a son (like Sparky) cuz he’s too old.
How he became a vault hunter instead of leading Bandits might be interesting backstory.

Going off this reminds me of a dialogue from TK’s Bloody Harvest where he mentions Zed and Ned then mentions Ted then says something along the lines of “Oops we don’t talk about the forbidden brother”. Probably nothing really important behind it but then you never really know where they might be dropping things at.

Zane is related (from what I’ve heard) to Captain and Baron Flynt. I forget the exact relationship but they are all related

They are brothers, he mentions it during a side mission. Someone says something about how unfortunate their name was and Zane reply’s with my brothers are named Captain and Baron.

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