Zane: Action Skill Animation Speed

Looking around the forums here, there’s little doubt that Zane still needs a bit of TLC to bring him up to speed with the other Vault Hunters.

That said, his skill trees are diverse, he can still do some work in a pitched battle, and for the most part he’s loads of fun to play. Reminds me a lot of Zer0 from BL2 in that regard.

So on that:

There are other changes that would probably rate as more urgent right now, but IMHO, one thing that would vastly improve Zane’s overall gameplay is an adjustment to his action skill animation speeds.

His Digi-Clone animation may well be the worst of the bunch - how long does he need to hold that button down exactly? :astonished: - not to mention the immense lag of the clone ‘cancel’ augment. It’s not impossible to use as is (the cancel would be borderline), but it does kill a lot of tactical practicality by being so slow, especially with a fast paced playstyle that his ‘Momentum’ skills encourage. In short, it feels like the whole game flow slows down every time you use the Digi-Clone, and it’s awkward at best.

The pribelms with Barrier are not quite as drastic, but the animation is still overly long, and the mechanics awkward. This is somewhat saved by the fact you can pick it up before the animation is fully done, or at least it seems that way while using it. Still, it’s another skill that can be tactically positioned, but feels almost too slow to be useful in that regard.

The SNTNL animation is clearly the snappiest of the three, but ironically, the extra zip isn’t anywhere near as needed for the way this skill is used. Being a mobile drone, rather than a static clone/shield means placement is less critical overall.

As a suggestion then: if Zane’s Action Skill animation times were say halved, it would go some way to making them far more practical and interesting. Particularly the skills that are designed to be used somewhat tactically, like the Digi-Clone, and to a lesser extent, Barrier.



TL’DR allow us to deploy action skill on slide and make it animate faster. literally that’s it

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Haha! Did I mention that Long-winded is one of my middle names? :joy:

I just think it would open up a lot of great tactical options if the animations weren’t so slow, which would really suit Zane’s character and general playstyle.

yes, even without that it would be decent buff for synchronicity for fast burst damage on raids. now i have to pre deploy either barrier or clone to start firing as fast as i want to.

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