Zane "Ain't No Sucka" Purple Nurple M4 build

I recently got into playing Zane but simply cannot abide the ridiculous overpowered nature of the Seein’ Dead legendary com. Most of Zane’s other coms seem pretty worthless, except Executor feels fun.

Regardless, I’m a fan of purple gear and I just wanted to share what I came up with using all purple gear and a purple Rabble Rouser +1 Good Misfortune/+4 Synchronisity.

That point in GM is kinda necessary for me, more skilled players may just not need it.

Im not claiming anything revolutionary, just posting this for criticism/discussion because I hardly see any discussion on Zane builds anymore(New legendary com ruined that).

Gears: My favorite shield is a Pangolin with x2 reflect and fleet. Icebreaker Relic for mobbing. I like rad/shock grenades for Sntl deployment, just to help with stripping them shields. Any Mirv/mini-mirv/bouncy whatever.

Weapons: Mashers, Callipeens, Stagecoaches, Scatterguns, Downsizer, Q-systems, Torgue Shotties and ARs, Dahl ARs, Hedgehog, Quickie.

I really like my Callipeens Sniper. It has over 4k on the tin and hits like a Mack truck.

Anyways, Zane is a lot of fun but be warned, playing a Non Seeing Dead build will really expose his flaws. I hope in the future Gearbox chooses to stop addressing class issues via OP Legendary coms that are nestled snuggly behind payed dlc.

Regardless, if you are a hard headed fool like me, this build will allow you to still have tons of fun and make a point while still handling all things M4.


Seems pretty solid. It’s really close to what I used to run commonly with Executor or Anti-Freeze (minus the 3 extra points). Really never used any of those weapons with it but I could see them being good for sure. Have you ran a Quasar nade with it? Seems like a good fit for what you want your nade to do with the added bonus of crowd control.

Quasar style grenades would be great utility, I just haven’t found one that I jive with yet. That’s just me though, I bet it would be a great fit!

I do keep one around with the “Regen grenade annointment” for pulling mobs out of walls and such when they get stuck. :joy:

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If you find a moar splainer COV pistol with sentinel active 100 Cryo please give it a test drive. The x1 ones are good but a x2 with like 7 or 8 fire rate and Cryo anoint just destroy once you get going. It is ammo heavy but dps is great. I ran one on my pre seein dead build and it was great. Also if you can find a x12 stagecoach with sentinel Cryo anoint they are great, I have a x12 version with like 8 rounds that costs a single ammo per. It’s a pump shotgun and I loved it with or without seeing dead in my build. Are you running on mayhem 4, interested in how it’s going for you so far…

Dude. You have inspired me Lol. I got caught up in the meta BS, trying to grind the hardest difficulties, and NEEDING the best gear. It became more frustrating than fun. Now I just wanna get back to what I considered fun. I’m gonna drop difficulty and play around with more variety. I have always liked purples more than most legendaries anyhow.

Thanks bro. Time to quit the GRIND and enjoy the game again.



Yeah, this build is definitely m4 viable.

In fact, it’s my fastest build for clearing things like proving grounds and SS.

It is capable of Takedown as well, but I’m not sure about the 4-player scaling as I haven’t tried it yet.

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I actually enjoyed Zane pre seeing dead, I still use a similar build as I did before very close to yours. Did the takedown in a three person group with it before the patch that took away the scaling and held my own in there. Although it wasn’t a purple rarity only build, that would be pretty tough! :laughing:

None of this will work, I’ve heard too many times that purples don’t do well on m4 and Zane needs seein’dead to be capable of killing anything… Hahaha
This build looks pretty :fire:


The same people that say Zane is trash are the same people that refer to their characters as “my dudes”. :joy: Honestly, Purple Zane is most fun I’ve had Vault Hunting thus far.

Honestly, Zane is probably currently the most well rounded character of the four vault hunters. It seems like at least most of his skills work like they say. Like a Ghost seems a tad weaksauce but at least it works.

@kabflash Is it a bug or intended that Zane’s Barrier Augments don’t work while carrying?

Also has anyone played around with less points in red tree but going down to Playing Dirty? Would be great for Callipeens and Marshall. I think I’ll keep an eyeball out for a com with PD. How much does it need to be 100% chance? 7 points?


The left 3 are for on ground only (team based synergies) and the right side ones work while carried.

Only for bossing 1-shot builds really.

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Red* tree not Ted’s tree lol.

Yeah, I was just glancing at the builder and if I wanted to keep CCC and go Playing Dirty I would pretty have to list Praemunitus and Donnybrook. I’m a fan of both. That’s why I went that way in the first place.

I’ve always been torn on the 2-fabg style skills. Adding an extra shot might be OP but adding an extra pellet is underwhelming on most weapons.

Damn that would theoretically make that Callipeens sing though!

I haven’t played Zane much lately, but I too don’t much like the current popular approach. I go Executor and Red/Blue trees.

I haven’t done an all-purple build but I could see how it would work, even before the most recent hotfix my favorite item on my Zane was a 100 SNTNL Warlord. That could easily be replaced by a purple Dahl AR.

I’m curious: Why Callipeens instead of Muckamucks? I thought the Muckamuck usually has better damage. Am I wrong about that or is there some other benefit to the Callipeen that I’m not thinking of?

Oh that’s just adorable :heart_eyes: I’m for shizzle calling them my dudes from here on out, even my bot Fl4k.

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I like both but I haven’t found a harder hitting sniper than the Callipeens. The one I’m using now has 4,414 damage on the card with 4 rounds. It’s actually identical in parts and appearance and handles the same as the Wedding Invitation. You just give up a killer fire dot for a harder hitting 1 shot.

they are interchangable but muck afaik rolls with higher dmg than chech and cali

all purple without bonus cryo and no seein dead will get you a lot of struggle. But if you are willing to use bonus cryo annoint then it is just a matter of finding a gun that is effective at delivering dmg and keep barrier crit weapons for sntnl down time. i personally loath bonus cryo but for regular ol guns it is not an overkill it just depends on what brand’s what product excels. for example repeaters suck but cov repeaters are insane. jacobs handguns rock but torgue magnums not so much. for dahl all smg’s snipers and ar’s are good to go on m4 i do still run a sniper on meta setup just for lolz, has a very reasonable ttk. an so on and so fourth per brand.