Zane and ability cooldown as of 10/3/19 hotpatch

Zane no longer gains any benefit from ability cooldown modifiers.
5 second base clone recharge.
5 second with 35% ability modifier from skill tree.
5 second with 35% ability modifier from skill tree and 31% from class mod.

Please look at what you did when you “fixed” the number displaying.
It appears that zane was broken in the patch.

Before patch I had ~3 second cooldown with the skill tree and NO class mod.

Now no matter what I do its stuck at 5 seconds.
Thank you for your time.


Those values are fuzzed up anyway

What cooldowns are 5 seconds?

Yes, idk what they did to cooldowns in this game but normally we don’t have cooldown reduction in BL, we got cooldown rate. So to get to 3 second or 5 sec from 24sec, you would need 800% or 480% cooldown rate increase respectively. Even with cooldown reduction that would be 87% or 80%.

So you see why I’m puzzled about those numbers