Zane and Elemental Barrels

Hello !

Just a word regarding the VH ability to throw Elemental barrels with a melee hit.

I noticed since the last update I just can’t do it anymore with Zane, because the barrels will just explode and Dot me to death :exploding_head: :pleading_face: :skull:

Did anyboby noticed that too, or am I the only one poor suicided Zane ??

Only one I ever see throw a barrel is a Jabber, and most the time I shoot it right when he picks it up.

(tried in past and was always suicide for me)

Is it only when you punch them or when you come near them? I’m asking because the deterrence field augment on the barrier can blow up barrels.

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On punch only (not playing DF actually)

Before last patch, I was able to melee a Barrel to throw it away (on friends mostly, that’s what I call “The Barrel Trick” with my friends in coop, we love to play that game :rofl:) but it can be used in PvE too :wink:

With all other characters, I am still able to do it.
it seems only Zane is bugged ^^’

Now that you mention it, I did notice that recently. I thought maybe I had angled the barrel into a block (invisible texture/stray poly) and it detonated. I don’t remember if I was using DF, but it does have that shock aura. So that could have been it.

But if you’re not using DF, then maybe you have a artifact that deal elemental damage on melee? I usually don’t worry about barrels, except on FL4K with their murderous spiderants.

I do know that Best Served Cold has done me in around barrels, with Seein’ Dead, so I dropped it.

Well I did a few tests lately with other VH (Fl4k and Amara) and I didn’t had any troubles with meleeing Barrels to throw them away…
My Zane runs an Ice Breaker Otto Idol, so I don’t believe it matters regarding Barrels…
I will make a few other tests soon…