Zane and frontloader

You would think points in maximum shield capacity would synergize with this shield.

Nope, it uses base shield value when adding points into Hearty Stock instead of shield value with added health.

So disappointing. Can Zane catch a break anywhere with his skills?

Meanwhile Moze synergies with this shield to reach 80k.

What a joke!

In past games Max shield % always went off Base shield. Wonder if they finally decided not to do that and Zane’s skill is bugged or Moze is.

It might not be a bug.

Moze’s skill might work in a unique way because it reserves her HP and converts it into shields. In this case, she’s getting regular bonus shield capacity from her skills (Phalanx Doctrine/Vladof Ingenuity) and health as shield capacity from Thin Red Line.

Moze’s skill to increase max shields (Vladof Ingenuity) works the exact same way. You might as well have just posted “why doesn’t Zane have thin red line?”.