Zane and the Troy Fight

I’m getting ready to hit the Cathedral with my Zane character. I’m toying with a rebuild/respec before that. I’m wondering what folks have found effective for the fight with Troy. For reference, I’ve just hit level 40.

So, what are your feelings on skill combos and build focus/augments for the Troy fight?

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go get a seein dead com , boom easy clap

Honestly… For Troy you really can do like, whatever. I personally like the Clone as a bit of a distraction but you don’t really need him that much (and on the other hand, the barrier can help with all the projectiles he spams). In terms of augments… Well, assuming you are running SNTNL, there obviously not really a use for static field in this fight because he doesn’t have a shield (and neither do the minions he can summon iirc). As with most boss fights, a cryo heavy CCC build is probably not going to be optimal because you can’t freeze him completely.
Best bossing in general would probably just be Seein’ Dead with a bunch of happy little kill skills, and as with basically any Zane build, you’ll want Violent Momentum and Synchronicity.
But really, don’t worry about that fight too much, as long as your gear is up to snuff it’s pretty easy.

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OK - thanks. I’m currently running clone and drone, and just got an upgraded Seein’ Dead COM, so that’s good. I’ll have to check my current build for VM & S because I honestly don’t remember what I was trying to do (other than get the skill that grants your clone a copy of your weapon.)

The biggest thing to remember is that, late in the fight there’s an attack that goes all over the field. If you stand at the tip of the diamond closest to where he flew to, you won’t be hit


You mean the one with the meteors? Afaik you are perfectly safe as long as you stand in the shadow of the Vault Gate.

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That’s what I said, but I was trying to not include spoilers for anyone who didn’t know yet. Weezer just spoiled Narnia for me, so I’m really sensitive to that right now.

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From what I understand they were actually looking for Zane specific advice rather than the bossfight itself. They’ve been on the forums for quite a while now and been engaged in a great many threads on Bl3, so I’m pretty sure they’ve played through the game at least once, presumably even several times and this just happens to be their first Zane playthrough (if this was their first playthrough in general and they’d been avoiding spoilers so far, how would they even know that at the end of the Cathedral there’s specifically the Troy bossfight). Besides, I don’t think other people trying to avoid spoilers on a particular attack in a bossfight would read through a thread titles “Zane and the Troy Fight”.
Last but not least, a single attack in a bossfight, even if it is awesome, really isn’t on the same level as spoiling the story of a book.

Thats my strat on that part.

Works like a charm

All jokes, fren, all jokes. Lol.


Although this is only my second character through the story - I tend to take my time, alternate games, and I don’t have as much free gaming time as all that.

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