Zane and Thrown grenade annointment

Does anyone know if these actually work for Zane since he doesn’t really throw grenades? I’m leaning towards no and I can’t think of a decent way to test it so I thought I’d ask.

Like if his Clone or SNTNL trigger the ‘on thrown’ grenade anointment? Yes, their grenade tosses trigger that anointment for you.


Well time to change my grenade mod then. Thanks for the info!

Does it also trigger on the “chance for first shot to also throw a grenade”? (Which is an interesting thing to have when you have the Porcelain Pipe Bomb or Tina’s grenade mod equipped!)

I had to turn that skill off, I kept hurting myself with it! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Probably not a good choice with a CQC shotgun-to-the-face play style, for sure! Nice for a more long range approach though.

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I totally don’t know - that skill didn’t sound interesting to me when I first built my two Zanes, and I haven’t gotten around to doing any research to confirm whether or not it’s up my alley. It’s a lot of points for a chance (with odds that I don’t like) and a cooldown on only the first shot? Maybe someday.