Zane annointed question

Question: if zane has an annointed grenade mod equipped will the annointement trigger if his drone or clone uses the grenade? Or does zane have to be the one throwing the grenade in order for the annointed trigger to activate?

Grenade anointments are triggered when dropped by sentinel or clone.

Awesome so it’s worth it to find an annointed nade mod for zane ty

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I use grenades which boost dmg, skill and grande dmg for 6 seconds. ASE anointments are not so useful in my opinion, because I use SNTL and barrier and I am able to keep it up a while. So the action skill does not end much and I don’t have the advantage from an ASE anointed grenade. The SNTL throws all the way grenades and and then I will profit more with the damage boost for 6 seconds.

“On grenade thrown” is the annointment you want for Zane and his skill up time builds.

Hell yes

Was just wanting to know if hunting for an annointed nade was even worth it tbh, working on my dahl zane build cause I just like dahl more than the other manufacturers honestly so I’m using seein dead mod

The build is pretty straight forward using a knight hawkin as the (primary weapon)
Breath of dying (for mobs)
Ion cannon (for the larger hp enemies)
The third slot Is open to anything which would be a shotgun or pistol.
Grenade is its piss (to add extra damage on targets)
The sheild I have is annointed which triggers sheild to proc when I use barrier
The artifact i have is a snowdrift

Cant wait for tommorow to hard farm for what i want with annoints and get it set perfectly, might even switch back to nade zane build if I get all that I need. Does electric banjo come with a slide speed increase? Because that would be great too.

I have never heard of a nade with slidespeed anoint/buff

Prob a typo u was meaning an electric banjo with slide speed buff it’s a relic that has 20% chance procc bullets

Electric banjo comes with a possible 2 out of three stats. 16% shock damage, 27% chance, 29% resistance. You want the damage/chance combo. Ideally you’d have an It’s Piss nade with the on thrown annointment. That’s what I’m going after when the event starts. Really though any nade with that annointment will be good. The SNTNL drops a lot of nades.

Also brainstormer, Redistributor, Maggie, Carrier, are all good with the Banjo. Probably any Jacob’s really. Anything that can chain will procc the Banjo. I really like the Brainstormer with the SNTNL +50% cryo since it already chains and it gets the +16% shock damage from the Banjo. My Fire Redistributor SNTNL +50% cryo wrecks as well since it will procc the shock from the Banjo.

Found a sntnl brainstormer farming demoskag I still havnt found the barrier based annointment for nighthawkin kinda getting frustrated I’m maybe on my 40th run on mayhem 4 my luck is terrible

Time to farm something else and come back later

Yeah this is kinda frustrating I’ve moved onto killavolt and have killed him near 20 times so far and no transformer

What system are you on?

It finally dropped for me. Zane very happy now.

PC, yourself? Is it up for trade?

Ps4 here.