Zane Anointment: While SNTL, Bonus Cryo

So. I got some guns with this anointment, that While SNTL is active, gain 50 percent damage as bonus cryo.

Sounds amazing, right?

For whatever reason, that bonus cryo damage is…applied to SNTL. Which…I love Boomer, I really do. But that little guy getting bonus cryo damage is no where near as exciting as…say…a Storm Sniper Rifle suddenly doing bonus Cryo.

Anyone else with me here? Lol


You probably had the cryo augment on the SNTNL activated. I have a Vladof AR that has that anointment and it definitely was on the gun, it just wasn’t as noticeable as its main fire element

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I didn’t :confused: I checked. I’ll try again this weekend. Or sooner. Lol

Did you get it on a non-elemental weapon?

Nope. A Storm and a Regular fire Torgue pistol

I’m not for sure, but I don’t think the splash from those weapons will inherit the bonus cryo. But the initial impact should. It can be hard to tell with all the damage numbers, but from my playing around with it I’ve noticed the difference. Are you trying to proc ccc with them?

No, I’m full in clone and drone, no CCC. So it’s not a massive loss. I just really enjoyed the concept of a Cryo Storm :joy:.

That said, it’s a pain in the ass for me to watch numbers during real combat because I am a slide speed firing type. I just know that my drone was doing cryo and I wasn’t able to see me doing cryo, despite me using Rockets and Nuclear debuff mods

Using a cryo grenade maybe? Or maybe a class mod with brain freeze? I think the critical hits the clone and drone get can proc brain freeze.

Gonna go test now

Hahahaha it applies to both? (Or the drone is doing weird stuff. It’s showing shock and cryo numbers BUT those might be tied to my gun?) but the cryo number stays hidden behind my Shock number

…okay. So. One Last test

If you try testing on a vehicle in the sanctuary cargo bay it may be easier to tell what is going on. The anointed effect should still display if it’s working but the drone won’t target anything. Some anointed effects are bugged but I haven’t heard anything about this one

Hey. Solved the issue. I was going by the Torgue. Torgue impacts are pure splash. They won’t get the bonus (seems like an odd choice) but, the Stickies will.


This doesn’t explain the drone, but whatever. Boomer is a silly boy. I’m sure the damage there is just displaying funny


Test on Kevin. He is immortal.

…except we’re testing a cryo augment :joy::joy::joy:

Numbers will still appear and you don’t have to reload a car every 5 shots. Just don’t pick him up.

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I couldn’t remember what happened to him after he froze :joy:

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It works, I have that on a brainstormer and its insane.

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I’ve noticed my clone has been freezing enemies. I don’t know if it’s benefitting from brain freeze but it has been 100% freezing enemies, which has been great.