Zane Barrier tree Changes don't work

Distributed Denial and Confident Competence don’t swap nor have a buff.
Yes, I’ve tried save/quit/continue several times, I don’t have points there yet, it’s a new character.
What to do?

I think there’s still a lot of iffy stuff about this DLC.
I have the Arms Race mission, but I can’t teleport there even though it tells me to. No way to get to the map.
Maybe the hotfix isn’t properly implemented yet?

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Well, I’m not rushing for these skills anyway, I’m leveling on the new skill tree, but I would like to see maybe it’s worth working on barrier tree now with Confident Competence buff… who knows.

You probably have to visit the bridge on sanctuary and then navigate to it and use the drop pod :wink:

Could be wrong, I’m not getting it for the time being but that’s how it always works :wink:

Seeing this as well. The Hitman tree skills don’t appear to have been swapped either.


Also Seeing Red didn’t get the buff

You mean after they say “no need for that spaceship stuff, just directly come to us”?

Oh OK haha just thinking out loud :wink:

I’m not getting the DLC (yet) so I don’t know how they handled it :joy:

The Arms Race map is on Pandora (it’s not a separate ‘planet’ like Heck or Joey’s Planet)… if it doesn’t show up when you get your menu to Pandora, well… I dunno then.

The map shows up, but there’s no quick travel station at the mission waypoint.

It does show up but when you pick it, it doesn’t show the Fast Travel station on the map

Ugh that sucks, I dunno then. :frowning:

OK, from the looks of it, at least on PC, we’ve gotten

1: The DLC
2: The Hotfix

But we haven’t gotten
3: the Patch
yet and because we don’t have that, the DLC doesn’t work properly yet and we haven’t gotten the Zane tree changes.

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This would make sense, thanks for the breakdown.

Server is currently updating for me, maybe check back
EDIT: Went offline again in the middle of updating. Oh my.

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Same here, Epic servers have been irritating

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Try restarting the launcher, it works for me now.


It works now! the Skill tree changes dont work tho :confused:

The ducttape mod change doesn’t work either :joy:

tried it and put myself into FFYL on sanctuary :joy: