Zane Barrier Usage (no carry)

Always hear of people saying Zane needs to hold his shield all the time, this and this, and consistently see it w/ people running Zane in multiplayer. When I first started, I did, and running with a good group we try to get AS to help each other in ways so it started to get me to carry it less and less to now I only carry for reposition. This is a short video to kinda show utilizing left tree of shield and different ways you can use it.

I will update it later (my upload speed is atrocious so will be a bit, maybe days or weeks) with all-rounder as a net to trap enemies, this 1st one is just a short vid testing retaliation on M10, but decided to post it showing, ‘you don’t need to carry it all the time’.


My primary Zane is Barrier/Clone. Rarely ever carry the barrier from day one.
Typically I would only pick it up to move it to a better spot.

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:+1: I do have to ask, how did you get name bbmotors? (I have a weird hunch and want to see if I am right or wrong)

In my younger days I used to do short track racing as a hobby. Mostly street stock class, a couple of other less expensive classes.
BB are my initials.
Nothing earth shattering :slight_smile:

My PSN is LeftTurnus which I have had forever as well.

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Dead wrong for me :rofl:

I lived in SA and moved out closer to Corpus Christi and work at a dealership here.

Here is what I was referring to:

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Lol. They are infringing on my name!
That is funny.

I would have had to ask knowing that as well.

But nope, no relation :rofl:

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Do they say why they carry it (other than ‘because they’re moving’)? The decrease in stats has kept me away from wearing it (as opposed to transporting it), but I do not know how much weaker it gets.

The penalties for wearing it has to be just the reduced Amp damage, so carrying it with All Rounder on doesn’t make you immune to incoming fire, no?

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I dunno, I see them never drop it. Probably so they feel invulnerable I guess?

I can’t help but notice you aren’t comboing any AOE weapons with those singularities. Kind of hard to click heads while enemies are flying through the air. I used to love using scoville while spamming singularities, but until that scales to M10 I guess it’s not an option.

That Mitosis singularity is really nice looking :heart_eyes:

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Oh I can :slight_smile: I am not trying to show Meta or cheese gank kills.

I do have Relic/COM heavy,AOE, Splash, Grenade if I was going for cheese.

My friends hate it because of the visual cluster it can make and gank a lot of kills. So for them I do not and changed my load out to pace better with them.

I am not trying to showcase something badass meta, but it is not hard.

I KNOW RIGHT!!! My first finding one in a vendor ever! Found this week. :rofl:

PS: Best grenade which I was farming during event which is why I am on Trials was a Sticky Quasar, lobbed OGT. Very rare combo but will literally pull enemies to the ground…

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I tend to run Whispering Ice when I want singularity grenades. The screen clutter of the ice pillars is my favorite part :joy:

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That is by far my most visual pleasing grenade. I don’t think it can come anointed can it?

It absolutely can. I read only farmed a ■■■■ ton back at level fifty.

Now…I just…make them appear in my inventory because time is a valuable commodity I have very little of

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PS4 a bit harder to ‘do’ things, but we just bank farm what we find to help each other out.

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I like the “no carry” tactic. I will get behind (not inside) the dome shield for certain bosses (Katagawa Ball, Warden) as well.

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it is not possible in coop

however in sp u can setup the areas as you want. i defo agree with barrier penalties on pickup it is already too strong anyway

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