Zane brings back Flame of the Firehawk!

Thanks to sandbox changes in the Sep 10 patch that added mayhem scaling to nova shields, and a change in how the Infiltrator com works in the Nov 9th patch, and Zane’s ease of access to ASS anoints Zane is uniquely positioned to abuse nova shields.

The following is an unoptimized sub 5 minute Trial of Fervor speed run where almost all of the killing is done via nova damage, which is kind of a throwback to Krieg’s Flame of the Firehawk build from Borderlands 2.


What artifact did you use?

Corrosive Stone White Elephant.

Try with Dragon and pay attention to DOT numbers :wink:

As its using the stinger, a _____ stone comander planetoid may be worth a shot too

Happy to see Best Served Cold get used. I like that skill.

Dragon or Static charge would be more effective

On the topic of novas, dies anyone know of the 200 splash ase weapon anointment carry over to nova damage :thinking:

Yep, as well as 300/90

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I’ve used the static charge before but I just like the white elephant better because it can crit and the MNTIS + rad ASE does a good job of stripping shields.

As for the Dragon, I did a run w/ it and while I enjoyed watching it melt enemies it wasn’t as good as the white elephant in getting second winds off anointed or triple bar COV. As far as that goes I guess I could just not suck and avoid FFYL! :laughing:

That’s strange, cause Dragon can burn down guardians (shield+armor, no flesh) in a seconds with 60-80M DOT

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