Zane Buff Makes Little Difference

I’m not trying to complain all the time of course (and I apologize for it) but it was nice seeing Zane getting a little bit more buffs, which is better than nothing of course, but he is still relatively weak. The cryo damage penalty removal was a very nice change since it made no sense to have a damage penalty on it. The drone buff damage makes only a slight damage, still nothing helpful, the augments like the radiation, shock, and the missile barrage still isn’t helpful at all. Honestly I dont know why they have a missile barrage augment if you can only use it once, only fires 4, the aim is terrible, has a low chance to hit, and does kinda a disappointment since it’s a MISSLE BARRAGE, I thought it was gonna do tons of damage in one area. If they made it where you can use it multiple times (of course a cooldown, maybe like 8 seconds) and buffed the damage then it would be useful. The rocket augment should be it’s default weapon along with the machine gun and replace the augment with something like a flamethrower. The clone still does kinda low damage. Again sorry for the rant but I just hope they address these issues.

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My man Zane doing work in that video! Wow.