Zane Buffs and/or changes incoming

Y’all might have missed it, but a dev was on a live stream last week and spoke of an upcoming patch to hit “soon”. This dev is the developer responsible for character balance. He also does the hot fixes, writes the patch notes and is the brains behind the mayhem modifiers.

The patch will buff iron bear, flak’s pet and the clone. These were stated specifically. They want to increase builds that use pets.

They are looking at Zane and want to increase his damage output, his words. He spoke specifically about violent momentum and how it scales with speed, ie the range is too small per his words.

He didn’t go over everything that will be in the patch, but these were stated specifically. I really hate to send viewers his way, but I saw this on a youtube video covered by “RyanCentral” if you want to check it out for yourselves. I don’t particularly like this youtuber.

Also, the Lyuda and the Hellwalker shotgun are getting nerfed. He named these two specifically by name.


I watched that video. I’ll be happy to see some Violent Momentum buffs, and some Zane buffs in general. Zane buffs are always appreciated


Really appreciate all this info, and the time taken to type it out. Being deaf, and as captioning for this type of content usually sucks, I rarely bother to check video or streaming channels. So in this case, you’ve done me a far greater service than you might realise. Many humble thanks! :blush:

Most of those changes sound pretty positive too I think? Though the jury is out until the numbers come in for me personally.

Not a big fan of pet builds myself, but there’s no doubt pets need a buff across the board; Zane’s most certainly included.

At very least, I think there needs to be some consideration that AI based skills will usually perform worse than the average player. So added damage, or perhaps in some cases a unique utility, seem the most obvious choices to compensate in that regard.

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Same feeling about RyanC, but that’s beside the point.

Zane buffs are muy bien, except its very easy to overbuff him right now as he isn’t in as bad of a place as people claim he is.

The clone just needs to be tankier, since COV can 1-shot him and so can most bosses. Against other things its durability is just fine and its damage is good. There’s also the potential that if they make the clone too strong it’ll have 100% uptime since it’ll proc CCC by itself and Zane barely has to be in the fight.


His kill skills need solid passives that really shine for a kill.

Double barrel needs to be a mid tier skill with Boom Enhance as capstone but being able to consume 6-10 grenades for the possibility of a truly stacked digiclone.