Zane build challenge (help me out)

Here is what I’m looking for… And would love some community help. I want my leveling Zane build back but for it to work for M4. (Am okay with either doing takedowns/bosses or slaughters)
Here are the stipulations

  1. No drone. I want a dome and clone build.
  2. No blue/hitman tree. I don’t want the usual advice of get playing dirty/violent violence. Focus on red and green trees.
  3. Prefer no seeing dead class mod (but I’m flexible on this one if it meets the first two stipulations.
  4. I’m not too into gimics/cheese builds… but if it’s fun I’m open to it

I’d like advice on the following

  1. Skill tree choices
  2. Gear (Easier to farm the better)
  3. Annointments
  4. Playstyle

… And… Go! :grin:

I tried a build a long ago, before the Maliwan Takedown dropped and I really liked the standing still Zane gameplay with Barrier - Clone, here it is: Skills

Gameplay is simple, drop the barrier on the floor, use digi clone and just play inside the dome with your clone.
Barrier augments: All-rounder and Deterrence field, but since you’re leaving the barrier on the floor, you can pick any you like.
For clone, Dopplebanger and any other.
Class mod: Cold warrior with as many points in Synchronicity (or Seein’ Dead with +5 in Donnybrook to boost clone damage)

For clone weapons, depends on for what do you want your clone to do (damage, freeze enemies, restore ammo)
For damage: Scourge, ION cannon, protuberance, Hive and others
For freezing mobs (to proc CCC): Star helix, EMP5, Nemesis,
For ammo: face puncher + Cutpurse relic (and use tediore chucking or Rocket launcher spam)

Weapons: Maggie, Dictator are really good options to proc CCC, and you can still use the redistributor since you’re using the barrier.
Relic: Ice Breaker Victory Rush
Shield: Transformer or any you like.

For annointments: 130% digi clone damage preferably, or +acc +crit barrier annoint for weapons.
Shield: Digi Clone Health regen
Grenade: 25% damage on grenade thrown

This is pretty solid I used to play something very similar. Frozen Heart is an amazing shield to use with this build.