Zane Build question - RR Speed build

The Rough Rider Speed build was a very fun and amazing way for me to do my first play through. It was fun and effective (except against a few of the bosses). When i found out the the Rough Rider - Infiltrator build was broken and didn’t even work properly i stopped playing that build and did a cryo. Then they nerfed that into the ground and i haven’t played much since. Been over doing Outer Worlds. Back now since outer Worlds have no real play after completing the story.
I have read the patch notes and it would suggest that they fixed the Speed build for Zane. But i tried it last weekend and again it doesn’t seem to be fixed. I do not see any of the DPS bonuses you should be getting while having no shield.

Can any of you guys and gals who know Zane confirm that this is still broken?

Looking for a legitimate build to try to get back into the game. I have great gear, some even OP. Just looking at builds. Many of the videos seem to be Bull, and do not work as they portray them to. Suggestions? Is speed build with RR sill broken? Is Cryo been fixed? I went to S Shaft on MH3 with my old Cryo build with Lucians, and it took an hour only to die over and over again not completing it. So i am assuming it is still broken since they nerfed Lucians and other gear associated with that build.


RR infiltrator is fixed as RR is always depleted so you lose out on full shield bonuses, but infiltrator will always be active.

Zane is always a give and take on builds.

maybe i am mistaken, but i understand it as when your shield is depleted you are supposed to do more DPS based on the amount of shield lost, With RR, your shield is at zero, so you should have the Max dps that combo offers. Is this not the case?

Was bugged for a while but how you described is how it works. I was mentioning some of Zanes other skills/guardian ranks that require shields to be active or full, not the class mod.

Yes, that makes sense, with that build those become useless

Is thus why so many people are looking for OP rolls on lv 1 shields

Ya better off with a low level brawler ward

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Your right. I may have to try that instead of a RR

Ive mainly used RR Zane when I play him (speed, healing for days and ditching shields really increases the the effectiveness of CCC) I haven’t played him since the last patch but he was doing fine last week, I’m on PS4 btw.

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That was my favorite build

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