Zane can't throw grenades

I know, “duh!”, right?

But, this completely stops him from being able to progress Life Of The Party. You know, the side quest? You have to throw grenades through the hoops? Like, to even progress the quest at all, and Zane using two skills can’t?

You either completely respec your Zane if he has two skills equipped to complete it or if you’re super fortunate maybe you can bring in another player to do it for you.

It would seem like someone might have noticed this before the game ever went live and just maybe might have made it so any character regardless of grenade mods (equipped or otherwise), and even in spite of their skills should be able to stand in front of those targets and pitch a grenade (if you have grenade ammo). But Zane can’t, if you are already using two skills.

Just going to leave this here…

PS. I edited the wiki to accurately reflect this issue.
PSS. Someone pointed out you can manage loadouts, I didn’t think loadouts were useful for any reason! (Now, I need to learn more about managing loadouts) And I edited my edit.

You can just remove your second AS for that objective.
Maybe you should edit it back.


Maybe so, but two grown men over 40 couldn’t figure it out. Though admittedly we were too busy laughing over the absurdity. And a quick search on google didn’t present any answer on how to unequip an ability either. Could you provide a link? Because at minimum, it’s a UI fail.

(You can say I’m stupid, but the other guy graduated summa ■■■ laude and got his masters in 6 years. I just used to build websites like Expedia, so I’m probably pretty dumb when it comes to things like user interface and user experience design issues.)

You can manage loadout by pressing triangle on PS4, so on Xbox it will be Y.

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Logging in to try it out, thank you!

(Man, 460 Guardian Rank and I thought loadouts were useless…)

Okay, it looks like a PITA, but it can actually be done, I think…

Seriously, thank you!

I was able to get through it with Duct Tape Mod

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I changed my edit and it now reads

If Zane has invested into two action skills, he cannot throw grenades. You can manage your loadouts and temporarily make grenades useable.

People can mess with it on their own at that point. The loadout thing is something I obviously need to pay some attention to. It feels kludgy. Regardless, thank you for pointing out an in-game resource I am obviously underutilizing.

There’s no manual for, well, almost anything in the game, so people figure it out the hard way and chat about it online. This topic will likely wind up in future searches for this issue.

For those of you on PC with this issue, a simple left-click on the selected action skill on the right action skill loadout (circled below) will remove the second action skill and restore your regular grenade functions. Bonus feature: it will remember your Action Skill Augments if you put the same skill back. You can’t change it while the skill is active, but should be able to at any time otherwise.

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I’m still having some problem with it on Xbox, but I’ll mess with it more later.

Your post however is great! Thank you for the added insight!

Well dang now I feel super smart for just removing one of my action skills during that quest.

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Well, I feel less than smart. But it’s not a new thing for me. :slight_smile:

I’m still working on getting a grasp on loadouts.

There’s been times in my life I’ve done some notable things. There are times however, I’m kinda a dumb guy. Not going to lie about it.

Im with ya, it took me forever to figure out how to remove the skill to get grenades back the UI is so hard to navigate in this game.

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It certainly has it’s moments. [nods]