Zane clone grenade bug

Has anyone else noticed Zane’s clone doesn’t throw a grenade when activated even after speccing in that passive? He throws one right before he despawns but not upon activation. I’d image this would hurt Zane being able to proc the new grenade anointment while his action skills are up. Bump so maybe this gets noticed by Gearbox

I didn’t notice but I just tested and you are right. I’ve notice he does the when I get a kill one, and the on death, but not on summon. Definitely hurts my current build not getting the 25% damage anoint when I summon him :frowning:


That sucks because my Zane runs a piss for bossing and that drop would be super useful to rely on

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After further testing. He is indeed throwing it, IF he has a target. Seems to be working.

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That would make sense as i was testing outside of combat. Still odd he would throw one on death regardless but only if there is an enemy upon activation. Oh well, good to know

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