Zane clone needs AI

It’s almost 2020 and it just feels weird to have a static skill like this especially when another class has AI-based pets. If he actually did something maybe he would not need his health buffed. I already rerolled into barrier/sntnl but I did start off using the clone and I realized he really sucks :(. In a party I saw a pet able to revive. Zane had a similar second-wind mechanic when you swap with the clone, but the darn clone was always dead which is why I could never get it to work (probably why his health was buffed). The fact that the clone has no real AI just feels like a static sprite from the 90s.

This game is using the Unreal engine. You can’t turn on Unreal Tournament AI for the clone like the good old days?? :wink:

If the clone has no AI how is he able to shoot at targets?!

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right so… he needs to move, run, fight, strife, roll, dodge, etc - bot AI please… maybe that clarifies what I am asking for :slight_smile:

Hardly anyone uses Fl4k for his pets… He’s just a crit monster with a second wind ally wherever he goes.

Making Zane’s clone productive first would turn Zane into the pet class character altogether. FL4K’s pets need more viability before this happens because his blue tree bonuses should honestly be the base for his pets not the fully upgraded.

…I played him with just the barrier last time but right now am doing a playthrough with the Clone and man I’m impressed with the shooting it does. On Athenas where it gets thick, I’m level 14 dropping the clone and backing off watching it clear the town. Pretty cool.

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Get Brain Freeze. The clone has decent aim and will freeze enemies for you.

I am ok with that. His sentinel is a pet so he’s 50% of the way there :slight_smile: I grew up on Doom/Quake/etc so seeing this “clone” that just stands there really feels so bad in 2019. If he is really a clone of me he should at least mirror my actions or something. But as is he should be renamed to “statue.”

Ehhh mirroring my actions with his cap stone would not benefit me much…

I like spawning him at the top of the stairs to Gigamind with radiation sniper. By the time I pop out SNTL and swap to my Hellwalker the shield is gone and he can focus on closer enemies to trigger my kill skills. I don’t need him swapping guns or closing the gap just cause I do.

Only thing I would appreciate is if I spawn him with a Maliwan gun, he should be on the element I am when I spawn him not just the first type listed on the gun. Otherwise he does great for me.

So he’s sort of like a sentry turret right now in the shape of a man; like those mobs that put up those turrets. That’s basically how you are utilizing the clone. I mean if that is what the clone is intended to be so be it. Rename him to “turret statue” and … yeah I mean just him being a clone and the fact that he suppose to be me and does nothing but shoot with a few extra capabilities just feels like a missed opportunity. Like if you spawn him and he runs around killing you can look forward or backwards (hell if he can lead the way that would be insane) that would be amazing. Instead I turn around and just see him standing there. Hologram also comes to mind.

Exactly. They’re going with the “decoy” theme, so having him locked in place helps you shoot distracted enemies. It ends up being clunky, but oh well.

Turret is a great description actually. I couldn’t get into Zero on BL2 partially because the clone didn’t do damage when I played it, just tried to draw aggro. With regards to that the clone now is effing awesome.

But I stand by my original point, can’t have the clone be OP until the Beastmaster pets are at least reliable.

I guess I am hung up on semantics. They should have just called it a decoy; which is in fact what he says in one of his lines. But when I think of a clone, I think of some kick ass companion driven by full fledged AI helping me out.

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I mean, I swap with him all the time. You don’t know the joy of double knock back shotgun pushing back and forth with two Hellwalkers and swapping with binary system and which one’s real

Yeah, whole leveling up it work a bit, not so much when you reach max lvl and Mayhem

Yes the AI sucks a lot for casual use.
But he doesn’t need to move, what he really only needs is better targeting and weapon fire mechanic. so more guns become viable on him
STILL if you use him right he can be extremely powerful.
For more information on how to make the clone a viable endgame option visit my forum thread here: Zane's Clone Weapon Tier List!

Thanks. I’ll try setting him up with the right weapons next time I reroll. Maybe it’s worth it now that he has more health but before it seems like it would have been too much work for how squishy he was in m3.