Zane clone not attacking final boss DLC 4

Anyone else having the problem of the clone not attacking the final boss?

I’m on PS4


Im having the same problem.

He is looking at you guys, “I’ve been carrying your sorry ass all the way to here. Let’s see you guys do something for a change. I’ll be back here having a Guiness.”



This could’ve been tested before they release this. Wow… I mean I hope that’s the only VH AS they missed and easily can be fixed asap


Only in second phase. Same problem as with Gravy, he’s just too far away.

effin great if u ask me lol finally you have to play the game yourself

Same issue on PC… Seriously though do they test this before releasing ?

Ummm… The clone JUST became viable, what are you even talking about? It was pretty much shield, sentinel and redistributer for the longest time.

you know very well what i am talking about clone should not get near x31 scaling x10 would be fine maybe even less.

you call the viable? get off the horse please clone can play itself

That is not the point. We currently have a bug / issue that needs addressing urgently. Clone is not attacking Psycoreaver on stage 2 . Probably due to distance or something …

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I’m talking about you saying “finally” as if it hasn’t been about a month that clone was able to be specced.

And yes OP is basically the definition of viable.
You’d prefer to have one spec be viable on Zane as it has been for about a year?
At least clone gives an alternative play style for once in the Vault hunters life.