Zane clone question

I’ve been playing clone drone for a bit with electric banjo and this seems weird. I will only have clone out and it will have a copy of the weapon I have it equipped is non shock but I see when it shoots and deals damage the chain lightning effect occurs as if I were shooting an enemy but I’m not and no lighting from drone since it’s not out and active.

The question I have is do relics effect the clone as well? Since the lighting chains from its shots when I’m not even shooting. Wish I could video it and show you it all I can say is go try it yourself.

any damage clone deals is deemed as damage done by zane, it is not effected by anointed effects because he gets the copy of your gun regardless anointments, the rest counts as zane doing damage that is why it procs both salvation and seein dead and if it procs banjo is no mystery.


Some relics do, like cut purse and facepuncher to refill ammo, or white elephant to attach a sticky bomb.

I don’t think the melee lifesteal relic works with the clone and facepuncher

Ahhh gotcha gotcha thank you bud.