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This post is for collecting together links to the various Zane guides created by forum members. If you have something you’d like to see added, please reply in the thread below and I’ll take a look.

General Character Resources:

Skills Guide and Skill Tree Builders:

Builds and Gear Resources:


Here are some other resources that delve in to the game mechanics in more detail. These can be helpful to reference alongside some of the Zane-specific guides as they provide additional background explanation for why some things work really well (and others not so much!)

Other Character Resource Guides:


Hurrah! I’ve been hoping someone might generously volunteer to get one of these threads up and running.

Many thanks for jumping into this one! :blush:


I was kind of wondering when some brave soul that was really, really excited about Zane would volunteer to do a Top Gear for Zane. :pray: I cannot do it myself, but would be glad to help with testing. All the other VH’s have a TG thread already, but Zane is not feeling the love yet in the community I guess.


I’m actually a little wary of getting into Top Gear at this point just because I think things need to settle down a bit first (stares hard at massive post count on the latest hotfix thread). But yes, definitely a good thing to have as well.


I guess, if I get a chance, I can play “how’s that speed damage work” like. Legitimately, this weekend, with a respec and everything

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Agreed. With all the Zane “adjustments” that not only will happen but also already have happened, doing a TG for him might be a little premature. LOL

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Cool cool cool.

Violent Momentum. Which is +20% gun damage has about +33% at sprint speed, and +66% at double sprint speed. These are rounded numbers, but they seem accurate. It’s a pain to test. I was shooting my nerf gun at a car and running.

Double Sprint is achieved by sliding with a 102% snowdrift. Slide’s base speed is Equal to Sprint Speed. Ergo, Double Sprint Speed.

Then you get to add other skills. Seeing as doubling movement speed doubled the bonus. It’s safe to assume the number scales equally.

:slight_smile: this is the basis for my “watch your KneeCaps” build


Hey there,
thanks for adding my clone weapon tier list to this :slight_smile:

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Idk where to add this fact but: stickies from Torgue guns get their damage in relation to Violent Momentum from when they impact.

Example sliding and firing a sticky will make it so it blows up more powerful.

The alternative would have been if it took VM Bonus at time of reload.

Edit in march 2020: apparently. It’s both? Wtf.


That’s useful to know! It’s the sort of thing that should go into either a “Top Gear for Zane” or “How to Zane” guide (any takers?!)

Also, it’s a good reminder that I really haven’t played with the slide and slam mechanics yet. I did the same thing in TPS initially - completely over-looked the butt-slam mechanic of the Oz kits, but it ended up becoming an essential part of my TPS play-style.


It’s really wild being on the frontier of this game. I joined BL2 this past December, and everything was mostly figured out. But now, I’m sitting down doing tests and finding stuff and getting to tell people and it’s exhilarating.

But yeah, Violent Momentum is a really crazy skill for damage and can get really wild if you can learn to get the speed up there.

It’s also linear (that’s the word people have been using) so, moving twice as fast doubles the bonus. Ie, if sprint speed gives you plus 33%, double sprint speed is plus 66%. Snowdrift artifacts give you double your sprint speed in a slide.

Trying to use this to kill Graveward faster is risky :joy::joy:

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Joined BL2 somewhat earlier but yeah. Prety much everything was figured out. Was my plan to help on BL3 but timing is less than optimal. Still should be a lot left to figure out in the incoming year.

Game on! :smiley:

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we still don’t have top gear and skill analysis thread for zane?

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Doesn’t look like it. Interested in one of those?


aren’t we all? hope the zane experts (@Gentlemann, @GimmickBuilds, @studdugie, @kabflash, @Hexxusz0r @flightx3aa @Superfr34k) can start one


If whoever does it makes sure to note rough rider bad, you have my blessing


i do not believe in top gears also everyone already knows about zane skills outside of gearbox who seem to have patched DFC twice and it still won’t apply to kill skills. i have been watching dfc not change values on what i was specing into for months now and there were not even any threads about it because it does not make huge difference anyway weather your reload speed is 10% or 12%. i am fairly disappointed with the direction gbx is taking with bl3 in general and zane specifically, i for one have not played for 2 weeks now and i have no desire before mayhem overhaul either. i don wanna slide i don wanna shoot the sky i don wanna shoot my feet i don wanna fall of the cliffs so i am no expert.

Oops forgot using level 20 shields and extra shot terror btw


Top Gear for Zane now exists, if you want to add it to the main post.


Looks good. Nice job on the formatting!

Can someone take on the task of making a Skill Ratings Guide for Zane?
As a relatively rookie Zane (compared to the other 3 VH’s), I know that would go a long way to diversifying my builds. Besides, i just love reading that stuff.

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