Zane Digi-Clone Bug

Has anybody had any issues with the digi-clone using the new dlc weapons while playing online? I went into the takedown matchmaking and my clone wasn’t able to use the ion cannon or lucky seven but could wield the laser sploderr I had equipped. After spawning he would just awkwardly stand there with no weapons. It worked fine in single player but not matchmaking

It could be a long shot, but maybe the person who hosted the game doesn’t have a DLC. Should be easy to test if you have friends online.
Or it’s just another bug.


That might be it, like the host doesnt have access to the weapon and the clone might default to the hosts priveledges instead of mine?


That could be possible. So as @GrzesPL said it should be easy to test. Get a friend with dlc to host. Join their game and see if your clone can use the DLC gear.

If so then next step is have a friend without DLC host and once again check Dlc on clone. If it now can not use gear then it is because of what was suggested in the above quote.

If you could not use the DLC guns on clone either time the the clone is probably coded to only use base gear or bugged.

Either way many would be interested with the results if you do test this.

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I don’t have any friends that play much but I played a few more times over the last day or two and can say it would work in about 50% of the lobbies I joined. I don’t have any way of verifying it with micless randoms unfortunately but I do think that is the case