Zane Drone Augment buff and Capstone rework

I just came up with this cool idea to make the Drone a more viable action skill. The augments and the blue tree capstone are the only ones I changed so tell me how you think.

Winter’s Drone: Increased cyro efficiency slightly (freezes faster)

Bad Dose: Decreased enemy movement speed and fire rate more to show a difference. Increase Zane’s movement speed and fire rate more efficiently (This is to actually show a difference in enemies and zane since this a support skill)

Static Field: Increased damage done to shields slightly.

Almighty Ordinance rework: Added a lock-on system. The lock-on system will allow you to lock-on up to 6 enemies. Increased missile damage massively. Added a cooldown of 20 seconds.

Seein red capstone change: Now works like Seein dead (where you damage enemies to have a chance to activate kill skills) along with activating an action skill activated all kill skills. Additionally, you’ll have 2 SNTL Drone’s spawn when you activate the SNTL Drone.

These buffs will make it to where you want the SNTL Drone’s to be a support skill or an offensive skill, it just depends on the augments you choose. And with the new capstone, there’ll be two drones out meaning double the damage of the augments and machine gun. Both drone’s will attack the same enemy.

Ex: Almighty ordinance will give 12 missiles, 2 on each enemy locked on dealing double the damage to those 6 enemies.

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