Zane Duct Tape mod passive not working

In the November 9th hot fix duct tape mod was supposed to make Zane immune to damage from his weapons and grenades, but it seems like this is not working.

It only affects grenades, direct, and splash damage. You can still apply DoTs to yourself via ASE elemental anointments, which :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: sucks!!! I think the reasons that happen is so that the elemental projector relic continues working.

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OPQ doesn’t kill or damage you (still UP due to level increase though but on the other hand still viable because it was OP to start with)

It’s an other change that probably didn’t receive much (if any) playtest.

Why do you fight against Zane’s march to godhood sexy hexy :grin:? Need I remind you?


When the BL3 universe was young and Zane was at the bottom of the VH rankings, you and I were there.

When everyone said our boyo was weak and that he had a clone that could not speak, you and I were there.

When the Kings/Queens call got nerfed and the slacker FL4Kers lost their crackers :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: and railed and wailed because the not having to reload ship had sailed, you and I were there.

When the Moze brigade went on a tirade due to the nerf of infinite 'nades, you and I were there.

While Amara tied and bound without a sound and fake-grasped her way to godhood, you and I were there.

We were there toiling away with Zane though some thought we were insane because he was too weak to rise to fame.

But for us it wasn’t about power. It was love.

Despite his many flaws Zane gave us pause and cause to play a game whose rules are insane and whose balance commitment is non existent.

So now that he is all powerful let’s not be sorrowful and let us also not glower but instead use our purple power to shower destruction in our wake because we don’t need to fake … grasp at the brass ring to be the vault hunter king!

All hail Zane whose damage is insane and whose ease of use produce jealousy in those who don’t have a giant erect phallic symbol of their own on their left shoulder or on their clone. :grin:


hail indeed :smiley:

You sir are a wordsmith of the highest order :grin:

Quite an interesting point though. We have truly earned what we have now as zane players and i feel zero guilt for it.

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I remember playing Zane (and only Zane) when M4 became a thing :innocent: it was not long after I level’d him

Running around with a blue (yes, the long forgotten underperformed trash tier after all the powercreep) torgue AR which spewed out what looked like snow… It wrecked everything (appart from anointed… Those where just antifun) I think there weren’t even anointments back then…

How I miss the days where they didn’t just bloat the numbers into oblivion and anointments weren’t a problem

that is torgue blister for you they are awesome guns on zane and moze

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The only torgue weapon that has stolen by heart is the carbuncle. Well I do like the alchemist but it’s ■■■■■.

carbuncle? alchemist? are you…me? i love both of these even if they haven’t been relevant since Mayhem 1.0

Ah I see you are also a person of fine culture.