Zane early game .

I’m giving Zane a try. After enjoying FL4K and Moze quite a lot, I’m finding, especially in the early game, that Zane feels underleveled by comparison. For example, I’m at the Captain Traunt fight, and I’m at level 17 which should be more than adequate.
But unlike Moze and FL4K, this character seems to be weak in boss fights. I’m using mostly Torgue shotguns and Jakobs pistols and rifles, since they’re so strong against the mobs, but it just seems like Zane, at this early stage, isn’t up to the same standard.

I’ve seen others recommend Vladof and Dahl weps, but haven’t tried them out just yet.

Anyone else feel like Moze and FL4K are simply stronger chars?

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I had a tough time with early Zane. He is/was? somewhat under-powered. Most of the VH’s don’t really pickup until level 15-20.

Check Earls’ shop for a q-system atlas rifle. Makes early game bosses easier to hit while in cover.

Beyond that, tough it out, he really gets better around lvl 20ish.


I’m not sure what you’re build is, but don’t bother with 2 action skills yet. You won’t be able to properly spec them until later on. I would go shield and use grenades when needed. I’m not a Zane expert at all. I’m just going by what I was told by someone who is good with him.


I’ll second that.


It looks like you’re shooting for burst damage on your guns (which. Love. That’s my Zane). But my question is. What skills are you shooting for? Because it’s gonna be a big difference in how everything goes, honestly


Thanks, all, for the replies. I’m using the hitman tree with SNTNL at the moment. I think I might go with digi Clone instead. (Yeah, I fell in love with the great splash damage with Torgue shotties)

I haven’t yet tried Atlas, but that idea makes sense for staying in cover and firing guided bullets.

I’ve heard that cryo builds are good with Zane; but I’m waiting to level up closer to 30 to do an effective cryo build. Maybe even stay with Hitman, if y’all think it’s a good way to go. After playing FL4K, whose survivability is so good, this will be a bit of a learning curve.

edit: With FL4K, I killed every boss except that annoying Penn and Teller thing (a lot of these bosses are annoying, and that one irritated me) without dying once. So I think I got spoiled with that character.


Okay, cool. So. Some ideas.

But first. In case it’s not clear “Cryo Builds” is Zane speak for “Making Barrier Last Forever To Not Get Damaged”. There’s a skill called Calm Cool Collected where freezing an enemy gives you shields, health, or action skill reset (depending on if the previous thing has already been filled). So, just a heads up there.

I wad a Drone and Clone player from the start, still am.

What I did starting out was 5 points in Cold Bore. This got me practiced in swapping weapons to keep my damage up. This will apply to your Torgue splash too. From there I got a mix of Movement Speed = Damage skill (violent momentum) the drone drops grenades skill, and just anything that interested me. Now I was practicing moving. Swapping, and firing. This is very different from Moze and Fl4k, who benefit from picking one weapon.

After that I picked up some gun damage and AS length in the drone tree.

I just went back and forth a lot trying to maximize my ability while learning new things to play with. Swapping with the clone to keep enemies distracted


Excellent. Thanks for the suggestions. I’m going to respec and try to be more Zane-like in my approach, heh.

I’ll come back and let y’all know how this goes.

Three cheers for the Community!



Big heads up. Adding cryo to your splash damage means you risk freezing yourself. If possibly, stick to a Jakobs in super close range, fast swapping to get the cryo on it.

It’s a funny little dance to play Zane, but once you get it, it’s a blast


Roger that.

Many thanks for the help!


Okay then.

I respec’ed using your suggestions, clone n drone, and happily I also found a two-shot Q-system rifle at Marcus’ shop (item of the day, what are the odds, lol)

Went to Athenas and had a blast. This approach is great. The crit buffs via swapping weapons kind of startled me with how quickly I could tear through enemies.

Thanks a million, all. Finally Zane is holding his own!



No problem :slight_smile: I love Zane, he plays so different to the others and it’s almost essential to master a new mindset.

That said: The Aurelia To Graveward section is not fun. Aurelia makes your damage boost non-existent because she’s Ice, and GeeDubs is a giant health bar that’s no fun to burst.

If you can find any fast firing Fire guns during that time, hold on to them at least for those two.

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what are you exactly on about? both of these fights are easy for zane normal mode, in fact in terms of level 25 strength between fl4k moze and zane there is nothing to pick speaking from personal experience. one thing that is maybe different for zane is that you can respec to optimize yourself for a boss fight while moze and fl4k are more or less boss ready in most specs. Op if you need help DM me.

My bad, my first experience with GeeDubs was a solo Amara with all the wrong gear. When my Zane went, I was in a co-op campaign with a Fl4k and well aware of what was coming, and kept equipment accordingly. I didn’t wanna set someone up for failure by sending them down a swap and move Zane, then have them get to two fights where the swap bonus and the move bonus aren’t exactly great.

To clarify: if I’m sending someone down the path I took, it’s technically my duty to inform them of any shortcomings that I might perceive in my path.


I used Barrier and digi-clone on my Zane from the start.
Also made sure to start my points off in the area of health regeneration.
Did not have any problems after that.
In fact, for me, I ended up killing Traunt so fast I was shocked.
My first character was FL4k, then Amara, so I know the boss fights pretty good by now. Between dropping out the Clone, and a nice Strategic placement of the Barrier, Traunt couldn’t hurt me and I just pounded him down. Was the fastest I ever got him…

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well specs are not static are they :wink: good job mentoring some zaneboyes