Zane Erases the Agonizer 9000 in 10 seconds

Using the Hustler com to fake crits to proc Eraser, Zane deletes the Agonizer 9000 with the Conference Call in 10 seconds. :grin:

In the first iteration it took 18 seconds. By adding an elemental projector and the donation of a low level Sellout by @bra2ha the second iteration is almost 1/2 as long. :partying_face:

This kill was inspired by @bra2ha’s insight that terror anoint damage is v1 and not additive gun damage. :nerd_face: So since we can’t increase the crit bonus on this build we must focus on maximizing gun damage and to try to do it in a multiplicative way, thus terror :ghost: and an elemental projector.

[Version 2.0]

[Version 1.0]

I think I can shave off a few more seconds but I need a low level Sellout to test my theory. So if anyone is on PC and has a Sellout to spare I would appreciate it.

That’s fair; moze can kill it within 8 grenades so I’m not jelous :stuck_out_tongue:

  • on topic though; would the Lob have an increased effect with eraser?

Try with Face puncher


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I’m not sure that Lob can crit

The kill is even faster now thanks to @bra2ha’s gift of a Sellout. See original post above for video and details.

I got it down to 10 seconds! Are you jealous now? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Why Agonizer? He can’t be one shotted, right?

@Steeveyb its well less than 8seconds… I vaguely recall seeing Graves health bar flash twice and I was on a loading screen again.

The challenge w/ Agonizer for Zane is that he doesn’t have permanent crit spots. Once they are all destroyed you can’t crit him after that. So there 2 options for a speed kill.

  1. Have enough base & crit damage so shooting him in 1 or two of his crit spots is enough to kill him.
  2. Have your body shot damage be high enough such that you don’t need to care about crits.

I’ve chosen a 3rd option. Turn body shots into weak crits via the Hustler com then exploit the fact that Eraser will treat the fake crits as real crits and proc. This is the reason I run to his side and fight him because he has an animation where his arms overlaps w/ itself and his body thus allowing more procs of Eraser; additionally there are 3 crit spots we can hit from his side that will do maximum crit damage.


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So you did number 2 :joy:

If you use a corrosive backburner you can kill Antagonizer even faster.

I know but the theme of the kill is using fake crits to proc Eraser to do the heavy lifting.

Oh … I gotcha. Lol.

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