Zane excels with legendary cutsman SMG

fellow operatives,

while zane is not the most synergystic guy with high firing smg’s gearbox loto gods have sent us legendary cutsman, this maliwan smg has a slow charge up time and medicorre fire rate and this is where we take it by the balls.

firs of all zane can stand under barrier while it is charging, secondly playing diry stacks effectively give us double fire rate for 5 shots and cutsman with 10 shots can kill katagawa’s ball shield let alone destroy any enemy shields around. further more digi clone also helps with agro relief for charge time, swap places or let it take some dmg if you get into a sticky situation.

do not fall into the hype of the crossroad, while crossroad is great on it’s own it has nothing on cutsman in many situations, both smgs are extremely hip fire accurate and custman is big friend with ammo consumption, comes in all elements and just about destroys anything in its path.

Ive used this pre lvl 50 and now post lvl 50. I love it. Literally murders mobs. I spray it side to side to get rid of mobs. Cant wait to use with the new hotfix buff on maliwan :slight_smile:

it deletes catagawas 2 full shields on mayhem 1 values in one mag…

The weapons you keep posting are all good weapons for any class. Zane still doesn’t appear to be in a great spot.

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