Zane excels with legendary monocle sniper rifle and he is an excelent sniper! post hot fix

Fellow operators today we have received a buff to sniper rifles from jacobs.

here is the test i have done on tvhm mayhem 3. important note, while the start is rough after 5 minute mark you will see what jacobs power is. do not know why first sniper did not do the damage. but other two absolutely tore the field up!!

click here for the video


  1. monocle ■■■■■■■ rocks !
  2. regular snipers are okay as far as muckamock performed admirably but the other sniper for some weird reason did not do much
  3. monocle must function like hawkeye smaller base damage but massive crit 500% when scoped.

watch the run till the end! (it is only 10 mins and the start is rough but other two snipers will change your mind!

That’s my gun…

Yet to find one, though…

i will make sure to drop one over if i get it, i already sent 2 to my friends and had 1 saved for myself and the patch hit us at all kinds of right time.

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That’s very kind, Thankyou.

Gun rocks…now I need to get one at lvl 50

it is carrying my sniper only playthrough very well. welcome back to forums btw.

man did i ever send it over? is till have one at level50

I’m just leveling a Flak, I’ll be in touch when I hit 50, if that’s okay?

i guess i have 1605 dmg monocle hanging on the wall because other one has annointment when swapping with clone and far exceeds it for zane.