Zane excels with thunder ball fists

this ugly little duckling

it does not get much love but holly hell it becomes a shield melting machine when playing dirty stacks are active. at the first look it does not do much damage fires slow and consumes 2 ammo from fairly little magazine, but looks and cards can be deceptive. the magic lies with in the extra projectiles it can spawn after each bullet it fires. and as we know very well zane can make those babies multiply. if you do not have kill-o-the wisp or travenator this ugly little boy will help you dispatch of the large shields on the multiple targets pretty fine and what’s not to like when you do not have to score critical hits and get the job done (for some people, not me :d )

so get some playing dirty going and see how many high firing rate smg’s and ar’s it an outperform.

p.s. clarification for teapots, when you hit the target it won’t do big damage, the balls that hover in the air and drop down is where it’s damage lies, pair it up with singularity grenade and you will have an easy win.