Zane FFYL Bug? Also alert to fellow zane mains

When Zane goes into FFYL he loses all kill skills and any bonuses he gets from his action skills. This seems like a bug to me, however it’s not what I’m reporting.

When he stands back up out of FFYL, synchronicity, borrowed time, supersonic man - whatever skills you had active are just gone now until your action skill wears off. So for example if you had sntnl and barrier active, go into FFYL - you lose all bonuses and barrier goes down. When you get a kill and stand up you won’t have any of those named skills active again. And when you activate barrier you only get one stack. You have to actually sit and wait for sntnl to go down, reactivate it, then you get the second stack back again.

So this is me reporting the bug, but also letting all of you know you’re missing out on damage, speed, and AS duration. I’m not sure this is just a visual thing, but I don’t think so because I’ve been using super sonic man a lot and I definitely notice not being speedy after getting out of FFYL until I let my sntnl cool off and reactivate it.


I can’t even keep track of all the stuff that’s broken, been fixed and re-broken, etc…